MailDroid Email Application for Android – a Multi-Account Supported Mail App

Android is such a great operating system that has almost every kind of apps or features. You can do what is beyond your imagination. Anyway, email is the next big thing, which is being used by trillions of people from all over the world.

Sometime we like to use the native email application in order to connect your email account(s). Nevertheless, sometime, we don’t like to use that anymore since it comes with only few couple useful options. That is where a third-party email application comes in.

Introducing MailDroid for Android

MailDroid is such an email app for Android that supports multiple account of different email providers like Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo, AOL and so on. Being a mobile email client, this is more than good in terms of features. It has both mode including night mode and normal mode.


The UI of MailDroid is just great, at the first look. It comes with only useful things and nothing else. The free version has ad when I think the pro version of MailDroid doesn’t have any advertisements. However, ad won’t mess the entire app or your email account.


MailDroid Email Application

I just like its filters and search just like the desktop version of Gmail and other email services. You can sort your emails according to some filters like Flagged, Unread, Read, Spam, Sender, Receiver and so on.

Single Email Settings

MailDroid Email Application

It has two view i.e. Mobile View and Normal scale view. The scale view is better than mobile view, according to me. If you a cloud printer, you can print any email using the Print option of MailDroid. If your email contains attachments like media files, documents etc., it is possible to download them on your SDCard. If you press Show Headers button, you can check the complete source of the email that you have received.


In the default email app of Android, you cannot set any password and thus it becomes very easy for an unwanted person to check your mails if he/she knows your phone password. You can password protect your emails by navigating through Accoutn Preferences >> Global Settings >> Password protection.

MailDroid Settings

MailDroid Email Application

It has many settings and each of them is much useful in order to control this email app according to your wish. You can set your name if you have added multiple accounts so that you can pick out the right account at any time. From the Global settings of MailDroid, you can customize fonts, color, font-weight, checkbox style and more others.


If you want to get rid of default email client for Android, MailDroid may be your first choice ever. But if you don’t want to get lot of options, you can try SolMail which is yet another email client for Android.

Download MailDroid: Free Version | Pro Version

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