How to Clean Chrome Browser with One Click

Chrome users generally face a common problem of getting their Chrome browser gradually slower than first experience. It takes more times to load a page or to open and close tabs and this happens only with every browser.

What is the reason behind that? Different temporary browser files, application cache, cookies, installed apps & extensions, browser download list, stored form data and file systems or etc. makes your web browser slower day by day.

Manual Way to Clean Chrome Browser

To clear browsing data of Google Chrome go to Customise and Control Google Chrome option and navigate through history >> Clear Browsing Data option.

One can only remove browsing history, download history, cookies and other site plugin data, cache, saved passwords, form data, hosted app data. But we can not delete websql data, server bound certificates, website’s indexed database data etc. with it.

An Advance Approach to Clean Chrome with OneClick Cleaner

OneClick Cleaner is best chrome extension that stands very handy to clean Chrome Browser with a single click. This browser helps you to delete all traces of your online activity.

The extension is too easy to use and very fast at all. Besides of cleaning your browser data and protecting online privacy it has a lot of useful features.

Cleaning appcache, website’s file system data and indexed database data are some cool features of this chrome plugin. See a pictorial view of OneClick Cleaner chrome extension.

Why the Installation of OneClick Cleaner is necessary?

It requires no user experience and can clean all the browser data without leaving any traces. So this chrome extension is proved to be very essential among all the chrome users.

Just click OneClick Cleaner extension’s toolbar icon and it will open up a new window where you will find all the necessary options to clean. Just press Clean Now button and make chrome browser faster than ever before.

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