MacKeeper – Ultimate System Optimization App for Mac OS X

Technology is becoming more and more advanced in each couple of days. TO compete with this modern technology era, different software companies like Microsoft, Apple etc. are releasing their upgraded version of existing operating system i.e Mac OS X Mavericks, Windows 8.1 and so on.

Hackers are also being developed with their latest security challenges. In fact most of the new software companies target hackers to find out their security hole. Anyway, that is a different story.

To protect yourself from recent security threats, you should try different security suites to know more about them and check which one is working best for you.

Introducing MacKeeper, system optimization app

MacKeeper is such a great system optimization app for Mac that could fulfill your demand by 100%. This is free for only 15 days and then you have to pay $89.95 for 1 Mac. It has tons of options to give you maximum protection out of this app. It will take few MB in your Mac to be installed.

Features of MacKeeper

Although there are so many features in MacKeeper but I would like to familiarize only important features in this article.

Internet Security

It has an in-built internet security protector that could help you to protect your Mac from malware and other security threats. You have to install it manually. I like it since if you don’t like it, it will not make clutter.


If you are using Macbook, Anti-Theft is one of the best feature that any software comes in. At first you have to enable it right form MacKeeper and then set it up from official site of MacKeeper. On iMac, this is nothing but just useless.

Data Encrypter

MacKeeper - Ultimate System Optimization App for Mac OS X


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Although you can encrypt folder in Mac without any software, this section of MacKepper would be helpful for you too. Just open this section and choose a password and password hint and you are ready to go. Just add folder by pressing the Add button to password protect any folder.

File Recovery

Alike Recuva and Active Undelete (for Windows), MacKeeper could also recover data. For that, navigate to the Files Recovery section and scan any volume for any removed file to recover.

Fast Cleanup

MacKeeper - Ultimate System Optimization App for Mac OS X

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This section of MacKeeper could clean your system and user cache, remove unused languages from apps, system and user log files and many more. This is very helpful who has stored tons of files in his/her Mac.

Disk Usage

Disk Usage will show you which folder and file is draining your Mac by taking more than enough space. This is one of few important feature of a system optimization app.

Default Apps

You know that there are tons of files which can open in Mac and each file type has their default app to open quickly. If you have installed any other third party app to open a specific file, you can set that as default by making use of this Default Apps section.

The overall performance of Mackeeper is just more than great. YOu should install it at least for once since you can also download it for free.

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