Ad ready theme vs. SEO friendly theme. Which is better

Today this little script may help you to choose the right types of theme for monetizing your blog. Earn money is one of the most common propensities for any kinds of bloggers. But for this, they become confused what kinds of theme they should choose for their blog between Ad ready Theme or SEO friendly Theme. But do you know that you have to choose both, I mean you must have to use both for a few days to check what kinds of theme is the best for your blog.

Today this post mainly depends on WordPress themes as you know that Wordpress is much better than Google Blogger. WordPress has all two kinds of theme. There are so many free themes which may look very nice but you can find different kinds of suspicious links in these themes. You can use Theme Checker to check you whole theme before setting it for your blog. Though there are also many themes for Google Blogger, there is no theme checker like WordPress. So, if you are using Blogspot for your publishing your blog, this is very risky to use outside theme from Blogger.

However, let’s check this little analogy:-

What is the advantage of using Ad ready theme?
Ad ready themes are very well programmed and just perfect if you are monetizing your blog with Google AdSense or any Google AdSense alternatives. You can place your ads anywhere in your blog. Ad ready themes are not so SEO friendly (according to me).
What is the advantage of using SEO friendly theme?

SEO friendly themes are better than Ad ready theme and it works just like it says (SEO friendly). But you may face different types of problems when you will go to place your ad to your blog.

Is there any theme which is Ad ready as well as SEO friendly?
Yes! I know one theme, which is Ad ready and also SEO friendly. I have used this theme for past 6 months. The name of this theme is Elemin and you can buy this theme from Themify.
So, this is my opinion. If you want to tell something about this, you are most welcome. Paste your view as a comment.

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