Google Docs VS. Microsoft Office Word 2013 – Which One You Should Use

There is nothing to say about the companies behind these two most popular text editors for everybody. Their names are enough to let people think of Google and Microsoft being Google Docs and Microsoft Office Word 2013. Both are just more than great. Hence, the problem begins.

People cannot pick out which one they should use among Google Docs and Office Word, mainly Word 2013. Both come with great options those may perhaps assist you a lot to do an intricate thing faster and a different style.

Google Docs VS. Microsoft Word 2013

However, there are few aspects behind both of them, which could divert your mind to use the next one instead of that what you are using now. Today, I am going to mention some indispensable features, which you should know right now before it is too late.


I don’t dredge up whether there is any template obtainable in Office 2010 or Office 2007 but Office Word 2013 comes with few expedient and eye-catching templates. You can use them right away.

Google Docs VS. Microsoft Office Word 2013

Conversely, if you are a Google Docs user, you might have missed them. So, in this point of view Office Word 2013 wins.

Output Format:

Everything (Yes, if you read it everything, I mean It.) should have a unspoiled output plan. Both i.e. Google Docs and Word 2013 have this plan but Office Word has more options than Google Docs. In Google Docs, you will get only six options to save your file including .docx, .odt and more others.


Office Word has few more others, as mentioned above. You will get like around 20 formats to save your file.

Publish to Web:

If you are writing a document for your project that is managing by few other people, like a group, you have to do few more steps to send the file that you have formed in your Word 2013. You can use different cloud storage to complete your task but if you are on Google Docs, you can make that document public and let your friends download that.


After completing download, you can again make it private. On the other end, your document will change in real-time if you make any change from your end. This is where Google Docs wins.


Google Fonts, Google Docs and other Google services or products are linked to each other. Therefore, it is very easy to handle them from other service like Google Docs. If you want to use any Google Font in Google Docs, simply navigate to the Font menu and select any pre-loaded Google font.

Nevertheless, Microsoft Office Word users cannot do the similar thing. You have to download particular Google font that you would like to use. After that, you will be able to use them.

However, don’t think that Office Word just lost this point. I would like to mention that there are also so many fonts available at outside of Google Fonts. Office users can easily download/buy and use them when Google Docs users can’t do so.


You know that Google Docs is a web app, which can be used by navigating to That means you can open this link (open Google Docs) from any device but you can’t open Office Word on any device that you like since it is not a web app. It is a stable software, which is available for only Windows and Mac.


Google Docs VS. Microsoft Office Word 2013

The most vital thing is Price. You should evoke that Microsoft Office package is not free. It costs around $9.99/month when you don’t have to spend a cent for Google Docs because it is absolutely free.


So, you have seen that both options are good to go. But if you have to write a lot, we would recommend you to buy Office package since it will provide you more flexibilities than Google Docs.

What do you think about this comparison? Which one you should use? Which one you are using now?

Feel Free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.
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