Ultimate Review of Google Play Newsstand – Use Like a RSS Reader

Google Reader needs no introduction. That was really a great cross-platform feed reader which required only one Google Account to control everything. But Google Reader is no more and to cover the place of Google Reader, Google has launched such a great Android application that can help you to read your most favorite blogs without any clutter i.e. advertisements, pop-up etc.

Although Google Play Newsstand has been launched few days back but we have been using this software to write a perfect review without missing a single feature. Hence, we are pretty late.

Generally, people read their morning newspaper on iPad, Android, iPhone and other advanced gadgets instead of tradition newspaper. To compete with these demand, there are hundreds of RSS feed readers available for various major platforms including Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and also for Web. But Google Play Newsstand is pretty different from other since you can have almost every kind of news in this app by default, just like Flipboard.

Introducing Google Play Newsstand:

The developers of this app made this app with the word, minimalism, in their mind. That is why you won’t get much complicated options or tons of useless features in Google Play Newsstand. On the other end, it has light-weight user interface which can be set at any situation and in any light.

What you have to do is just download a free copy of Google Play Newsstand and start using it. The following screen will be appeared just after opening Google Play Newsstand on your Android device. One more thing, you can run this tool on almost every version of Android (It requires Android 2.2+).

As you can see that there are only four options of this app.

Google Play Newsstand

The Read Now section provides some latest updates around the world on various topics including Tech, Finance, Business, Politics and so on. The second section, My News, will let you know what is new from your subscription as you can subscribe to different RSS feed of your favorite blog or website. The Explorer section of Google Play Newsstand will give you some topics. You can select anyone to read articles on that topic. Suppose, you are interested to read one article but you have not so much time on your hand. At this situation, you can bookmark that article and all bookmarked articles go to the Bookmarks section on this magazine app.

Let’s say, you don’t like Politics or Finance. So, if you want to temporarily remove those topics/tiles from your app, just press the dots on the corresponding tile and click the Remove button, as shown in the following image;

Google Play Newsstand

How to add RSS Feed in Google Play Newsstand?

I have already mentioned this feature and now this step by step guide will help you to use this app like a RSS feed reader and a Google Reader alternative. To add custom feed, just navigate to search button and start typing your blog name. You can either write the actual feed URL or the blog name. If you know the exact feed URL, I would prefer that instead of blog /website name.

add RSS Feed in Google Play Newsstand

Read favoring blog on Google Play Newsstand is just great. It has minimalist features as well as the interface is very good.

add RSS Feed in Google Play Newsstand

That’s all! There is no other feature of this little app. You should give it a try if you really need a Google Reader alternative.

Get it on Google Play

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