How to Download Audio from Google Translate

Google has tons of services. Some of them are great when few of services are not much good. Google Translate is one of the best light-weight helpful feature for them who have to translate something in his or her native language.

I came across to this service before almost 9-10 months while searching something to translate some words in my native language. Google Translate was and is one of the best online translators which is available as web version as well as for Android. If you are using Wi-Fi, you can download various language pack on Android.

You often translate words or sentences by making use Google Translate. But did you ever think that you can also download your words what you are going to translate? If no, just follow these steps and learn how to download audio from Google Translate.

How to download audio from Google translate?

This is actually very easy and not yet much time consuming. Just go to Google Translate and start typing what you want to convert. Or you can also download a particular sentence without opening Google Translate.

After that, copy the following line and paste it in your URL bar;

Do Check:

Then, write what you want to download in Mp3 after = and hit enter. Now audio will start playing in your browser. Just right click on the player page and click the Save as button.

After that save that audio in your computer.

Video tutorial: Download audio from Google translate

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  • Dirham

    thanks you so much… You’re the writter this webpage/website is very dilligent and smart because would to presentation by your idea. Is brilliants… Super brilliants..

  • Gazy

    I followed everything you said to do exactly, however instead of the audio link/file coming up, a message comes up saying they have recognised unusual activity on my IP address (which they perceive to be possibly be a malicious attack- a Captcha code- is then required of me- to prove I am not a robot].
    Even after I complete the Captcha code, I only see the ‘audio file/ link (that I wanted to record) for a fraction of a second before another message comes up saying;

    “Access to the webpage was denied”
    Error 403
    ‘You are NOT authorized to access the webpage at; _ _ _ _ _ You may need to sign in.
    For starters, I am already signed into ‘both my microsoft windows account’ & my Google Chrome account- so I don’t know what on earth they are banging on about by saying I may have to sign in!
    Does anyone know why this function (recording my Google translate audio) would be blocked?
    Cheers 🙂

    • Serge Gorodish

      This used to work for me, but now it doesn’t. I get the same as you. I suspect something changed at Google.

      I also went through a phase where I had to get past the Captcha to make it work, Now it doesn’t work at all.

      Wish I had a solution, but I don’t think the problem is on your end.

  • pnamajck

    video-download helper … it’s a firefox addon … automatically converts to mpeg file … easy as 1-2-3.

  • Daniel Lombardo

    No longer works – google is blocking this method

  • Martin Holte

    Found a solution here: Look for Morgengrauens Post.

    • Gazy

      Thanks Martin, I’ll be sure to give it a try …. fingers crossed! 😉