How to Open Link from One Browser to Another Browser on Mac

Using a browser is not a big deal. Anyone can use any browser for browsing or downloading. On the other end, browsing can’t be done without opening a link. You might have open a link in the same browser where it is located. But this tutorial would assist you to open link from one browser which has come from another browser. You don’t have to copy the link from a browser and then paste it to make the search on different browser. Rather than this time-consuming trick, you can opt-in to Choosy which is free for first 45 days and then it costs $12.

You can make use of this tiny software on your browser as an extension but before that it requires installed Choosy on your Mac. It is available for almost every popular web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.

How to open lick from one browser to another browser?

This is very easy. Just download the trial copy of Choosy and install the add-on/extension on your browser that you use most and from what you would like to send the link to any other browser.

After installing it on your Mac and web browser, just select a link that you want to send to another browser by pressing the corresponding Choosy button. After that, you will get a screen something like the following picture;

Open Link from One Browser to Another Browser on Mac

Allow it to open your link. The next thing you have to do it choose a browser on that you want to open your link.

Open Link from One Browser to Another Browser on Mac

You can also use Choosy from your right click context menu.

Open Link from One Browser to Another Browser on Mac

As I use Google Chrome on Mac, I have not installed any other browser like Firefox etc. But if you have installed some other web browsers and now you are facing problems due to a lot of browsers, you can eliminate anyone of them. For excluding, just open the Choosy app on your Mac and navigate to the Browsers tab. After that select any browser that you want to exclude and click the “-” button.

Open Link from One Browser to Another Browser on Mac

That’s it! Hope Choosy will help you a lot. If you are on Windows and want to get the same feature, you can also get so. Just install Open in Chrome add-on in Firefox to open link in Chrome.

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