Should You Use Native Mobile App or Responsive Design

If you want to start your web business, you should know that there are two types of usability of a site i.e. responsive layout and native mobile app. Both are helpful in their own way and this guide is just for them who are bit confused in choosing which one you he/she should choose in order get maximum benefit.

You know that opening a site from any device (obviously that has internet connection) is not a big deal for anyone. But if you are a web designer or developer or a regular guy who is creating a site that could attract maximum reader or customer, I am sure that you know about the problems that someone often get.


While editing a theme on my blogging site, I came across to that problem for several times. Sometime, the navigation menu was not coming in the right place and so on. I searched for few time to build a mobile app as well instead of going with a responsive layout. This article is just the outcome of my experience.

Native Mobile App Vs. Responsive Design:

You know that there are some evergreen websites like LifeHacker, Cnet etc. and some news resources which have built their own mobile application for various platforms i.e. Android, iOS etc. If you are going to choose which one you should go with by following them, you might be confused because they also have a responsive website layout. So, apart from following them, you may opt in to your decision and do whatever you want after checking the following tips.

Native Mobile App or Responsive Design

Knowledge & Cost:

Building a responsive layout is not much big deal because if you have few couple of dollars in your budget, you can simply buy a responsive theme from any popular theme club. On the other end, if you are not a developer, you might have to spend more than $500 (If you have a good luck) to hire a developer to build an app on behalf of you. So, programming knowledge matters when you are creating an app for your site.


You know that most of the companies like Samsung, Apple are creating some advanced devices like tablet, high end mobile device etc. to provide better experience to their customers. If you want to build mobile app, you should note that you have to make your app compatible with all those devices.


If you have a well-known business, you can easily make your app popular within few couple of days. But if you are going to make your business popular, you might have to do more with your native mobile app so that it will be able to find by everyone.

But if you are creating a mobile responsive website, you don’t have to think more about find-ability because anyone can visit in your website from browser.

Link Sharing:

If your customer visit in your site from mobile browser, he/she can easily share your site link or any specific link to anyone by copying but you need to add that feature to copy the link in mobile application. Otherwise, it will be much difficult to share any link for your readers.

Final word:

Now the choice is yours. But if you are asking me this question, I would recommend you to go with responsive layout over native mobile application. It is much friendlier. But if you have much budget, you can build your mobile application after responsive layout when your website will be popular.

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