CleanMyMac 2 – Best System Optimizer for Mac OS 10.7+

You know that Mac is pretty different from other operating system like Windows, Linux etc. Yu won’t get much great free software for your Mac. You have to give your best effort in searching so that any software should not harm your Mac anyway.

Previously, I have told you about so many software of Mac – mainly system optimizers. Today I am again going to introduce yet another brilliant system tweaker for your Mac 10.7+. This software is known as CleanMyMac 2. Although it is available at very cheap price but you can also give it a try without buying (free version with restricted features).

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It has few couple of brilliant features like Large File Optimizer, System Cleanup, Trash Cleanup, Browser Extension Manager and many more. This is pretty light-weight but you might feel a slowness when it will scan your system. At least I have got a slowness but don’t know whether you will get the same or not.

This is pretty easy to use and doesn’t require any expert knowledge so far. Actually, we should use a system cleanup program on any operating system like Android, Windows, Mac or anything else because we can’t do something properly when a software can fulfil your demand. That is where a software like CleanMyMac comes in.

How to use CleanMyMac properly?

Actually, it is already set properly by default. You just have to choose what you want to do and press few buttons to finish that. Just download a copy of CleanMyMac 2 and install it on your Mac. The startup screen is looking something like the following picture;

CleanMyMac 2

Press the Scan button to start the system scanning by CleanMyMac 2.

It takes few minutes to complete scanning. This time depends on how much data you have on your Mac and how much complicated data you have. After scanning, press the Clean button to automatically delete all junk files which are providing bad experience.

CleanMyMac 2

You can also choose separately to delete files.

Apart from erasing junk files, it has more three features.


CleanMyMac 2

You can uninstall any installed app from your Mac. You know that this is pretty tough to uninstall any software from your Mac completely. At this situation, you can use this section.

Extension Manager:

CleanMyMac 2

Previously, I told you about a Windows software to manage browser extensions but CleanMyMac can handle your browser extensions on Mac. You can also manage your other third party extension of Dictionary, Login items etc.


If you are getting any problem while removing any file or folder from your Mac, you can simply head on to this section to completely remove that file/folder.

That’s all! I hope this tiny tutorial would help you a lot.

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