How to Download Instagram Video to Google Drive using IFTTT

You know that Instagram is one of the best image sharing platforms which made it available to upload small video clips as well. You can easily upload images and videos to your Instagram account right from your Android or iOS mobile.

This is however very [very] easy to upload videos as well as images when you might have faced problems while downloading the same video in your hard disk or anywhere else.

Previously, I have mentioned a trick to download Instagram video without using any third party tool when today’s trick will let you do the same with the help of IFTTT.

You know that IFTTT has been arrived in this web before more than three years but it is being developed to make some more features available for consumers. IFTTT is standing on IF This Then That.

Means, you can create recipes and set triggers to do something in automation. There are tons of recipes which are already made different users when you can also create your own.

This doesn’t take much time to create a recipe with trigger. It also doesn’t cost anything either. Anyone can use all it’s service at free of cost.

How to download Instagram video to Google Drive using IFTTT?

The entire trick is standing on a personal recipe. You just have to either find such public recipe to make that happen or you can create your own recipe to do that thing in better way. You will have full control over your own recipe. So, obviously, I would recommend you to create a recipe from your end that won’t take much time at all.

To create such a recipe, at first create an account on IFTTT and press the button that says either Create or Create a Recipe. Then press the button that is appearing as this.

Now select Instagram and you will get few couple of options like the following picture;

Download Instagram Video to Google Drive using IFTTT

This is absolutely your choice. I mean, if you want to download a video that you have liked, select You like a video. If you want to download videos from a specific user, you have to select the trigger that says New video by specific user.

Then click the that button. This is where you want to download that video. Here, you have to choose Google Drive. Alternative, you can also select Box or SkyDrive.

Now choose Upload file from URL under Choose an Action. Here you can select folder, file URL and File name.

At last, press the Create Action button. To identify a particular recipe, you can write custom message as well. After that, Create that Recipe.

Your recipe will be looking something like the following picture;

Download Instagram Video to Google Drive using IFTTT

That’s all! Now, whenever you will like (here I have chosen that option) a video on Instagram, that video will be downloaded to your Google Drive account.


This is not a quick scheme. You have to wait for few minutes to get everything done. So, don’t worry about all the process. IFTTT is a trustworthy service.

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