How to Open Any File or Folder using Keyboard Shortcut [Windows]

You know that Windows is one of the best operating system, which is being used by millions of people out there. This is popular because it has so many free software that could do anything.

Previously, I have shared so many software to do several things. Now, it’s time to mention yet another software for you that might be helpful.

If you are using Windows and want to open something like file, folder, application, Control Panel, Command Prompt or even if you want to shutdown, restart, Logoff or Hibernate your PC through keyboard shortcut, here is a tutorial for you.

This is not much time spending task because today I am going to use a third party software that will get everything done. Actually, shortcut keys are pretty helpful because when you are using Touchpad and you are not so familiar with it, you would have some keyboard shortcut so that you can do the same thing quite faster.

How to open any file or folder using keyboard shortcut?

Here is a software called EvoKeys, which has worked great for me. Just download a free copy of EvoKeys and start using it right away. At first, you will get a screen something like the following picture;

How to Open Any File or Folder using Keyboard Shortcut

You just have to add shortcut by pressing the button that says “Add”. Now you have to enter few things i.e. shortcut name (it will help you to identify it faster), file or folder path, parameters and shortcut key (i.e. Shift + Ctrl + Q).

How to Open Any File or Folder using Keyboard Shortcut

At last, press the “OK” button. That’s all! You have done! To set custom shortcut for system features like My Computer, Control Panel etc.; you don’t have to do nothing more. Just press the “CustomMenu” button and select anything.

How to Open Any File or Folder using Keyboard Shortcut

Then add a keyboard shortcut before pressing “OK”.

That’s it! Hope this software would help you a lot.

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