How to Fix Folder In Use/Cannot Delete Problem in Windows

Windows is such a great operating system that is used by millions of people from all over the world. Although there are some bugs in Windows 8 and almost all other versions (because nothing is perfect), but this problem, “Folder In Use” is not a bug.

An error window like the following picture might have seen by you on your Windows computer;

Fix Folder to Fix Folder In Use/Cannot Delete Problem in Windows

It appears when you want to delete something but that particular folder is in use by any other program in your PC. That is not a big deal. You can easily remove such problem by doing something.

There are two different solutions of your problem. Either you can restart your PC and then try to delete that folder or you can make use of a third party software.

However, sometime, some folders aren’t erased by just restarting. After restarting your PC, you might get the same issue repeatedly. This problem may occur at different conditions.

I got this problem after uploading some files from a folder to my web server. You can get this problem at same condition or by anything. Anyway, you can do the following thing to fix this problem.

How to fix Folder In Use/Cannot Delete Problem?

This is however very easy and not yet much time consuming task at all. There is a software called Unlocker. It would do the entire thing.

Just run use it on your PC when you get the problem. How to sue it? Very easy.

Just right click on the folder by which the problem is created and select the option that says “Unlocker”.

Fix Folder to Fix Folder In Use/Cannot Delete Problem in Windows

After that, select “Delete” as action and click on “OK”.

Fix Folder to Fix Folder In Use/Cannot Delete Problem in Windows

That’s all! I have solve this problem using this software. Hope it will also help you a lot.

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