Nero BackItUp 2014 Released to Backup Important Files in Hard Drive or Cloud Storage

Nero BackItUp 2014 has been released few days back to help us by keeping our important files in a safe place after creating a backup. There might have tons of software for Windows, Android or any other platforms but now I am not thinking anything except Nero BackItUp 2014 because of it’s usability and features.

Previously, I mentioned a software that is known as FBackup, which is also pretty good when that is nothing in front of Nero BackItUp 2014. This utility is available for Windows PC, Windows Phone and Android too. All it’s features are not just helpful but also you can use them without having any expert knowledge because they are easy to use.

Introducing Nero BackItUp 2014:

Right from the user interface to all the features – everything is just brilliant. Although it comes with less features but each of them are much useful. The white and green interface for Windows is just awesome. By the way, it comes with four different plans.

Plans and Pricing:

If you have less data to backup, you don’t have to purchase any premium plan. The free one is just more than enough. It provides unlimited backup on hard disk and 5 gigabyte space to backup your files on cloud storage provided by this software itself (Login Required).

backup files using Nero BackItUp 2014

There are also some other plans like $19.99/year, $34.99/year and $49.99/year (offer). The features will be changed according to plans what you choose.

How to backup files using Nero BackItUp 2014?

This is however pretty simple and not yet much time spending work as well. Just download this software at first and install it on your PC. After that you will get a screen something like the following picture.

backup files using Nero BackItUp 2014

Just press the button that says “Back Up Now”.

Then, you have to choose what you want to backup. It may be file or folder or software or anything else. If you choose offline backup then you don’t have to worry about space but online backup selection must have less than 5 GB of data.

backup files using Nero BackItUp 2014

The next step to select the backup process schedule.

backup files using Nero BackItUp 2014

Just after selecting a time, it will start automatically to backup your file.

That’s all! You have done! Now it’s time to make your files save from harmful crash.

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