How to Download Vine Video in GIF

Vine is a great video sharing platform that is owned by Twitter and you can upload maximum 6 seconds video clips to Vine right from your Android, iPhone and Windows 8 PC.

Apart from Instagram, Vine is yet another platform where people can upload their video clip and share that with friends easily. Flickr can also do so but that is a website where you can do the same.

Previously, I mentioned how to create GIF image from a HTML 5 YouTube video, GIF picture from a normal video as well as mentioned the trick to create GIF image online. You know that GIF image is bit different from any other image format like PNG, JPG etc. since you need a good tool to open this format on your PC or mobile phone.

Today’s trick is something like those aforementioned tricks. Today I will show you how you can download Vine video in GIF using a third party web app.

How to download Vine video in GIF?

This is however very easy with GIFVine, which is free to easy. Just go to the GIFVine website and paste the Vine video URL in the empty box.

How to Download Vine Video in GIF

After that, press the button that says “Make this Vine a Gif!”.

Then you will be redirected to another page from where you can download the GIF image. To save the image, just right click on the animation and select the option that says “Save image as…”.

How to Download Vine Video in GIF

That’s all! Hope this trick will be helpful for you.

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