How to Prevent GIF from Playing Automatically in Firefox

Firefox is a widespread web browser that is available for almost each major operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and so on. When it comes to security in web browsing, I would recommend you to use Firefox instead of Google Chrome. Even though Chrome takes a lot of memory to run, Firefox doesn’t require much memory to do the same but the browsing speed is not same in both.

Sometime when someone wants to show something to the world, he/she can simply create a gif picture and share that with everyone. However, sometime it creates problems in browsing. Suppose, you don’t want to watch those GIFs anymore during browsing or suppose your internet connection is much good to load those images faster. At such a moment, you can simply block them if you are using Firefox.

By default, Firefox provides three different options i.e. block, play, play once. I am pretty sure that you know the meaning of those options.

Here’s how to prevent GIF from playing automatically in Firefox?

This is however very easy and you don’t have to install add-on as well. Just type about:config in your URL bar and hit enter. You might get a warning message. Ignore it and go on.

Then search for the following line in the search box;


By default, it is set as Normal. Normal means all animation can play without having any permission.

Prevent GIF from Playing Automatically in Firefox

Just double click on that. You will get a popup window and it is set as normal. Just type the word according to your requirement;

normal: play fluently

none: block GIFs

once: play animation for once

press the Ok button and refresh your page to get the effect.

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