Viral Floating YouTube Popup – Watch YouTube Video in a Popup

YouTube is one of the best video sharing websites out there and Android has tons of applications for YouTube to make it simpler. Viral Floating YouTube Popup is one of them to watch any YouTube video in a floating popup.

Sometime when we are doing something on phone’s home-screen and at the same time, we have to watch a popular and interesting YouTube video, here is an application for Android that will let you do whatever you want.

Previously, we mentioned a software for Android that could help you to listen only audio of any YouTube video on your android phone. Although here is no such similarity to that app but you can however work with YouTube in a better method.

Introducing Viral Floating YouTube Popup:

I would say that if you want to use YouTube from your Android phone and all it’s features including comments, uploads etc. there is no other alternative to Viral Floating YouTube Popup.

You can easily do the following things with the help of this app;

  • Access watch later, Uploads, Playlists etc.
  • Control comments
  • Popup video player
  • Multiple popup at the same time
  • Change video resolution (from 144p to 720p)
  • Great customization
  • Watch video according to category
  • Customizable search

A screen something like the following picture will be come up after opening this app;

Viral Floating YouTube Popup

Just select a category according to your requirements. The app’s interface is looking something like the following picture;

Viral Floating YouTube Popup

On the other end, the video player looks like the below image;

Viral Floating YouTube Popup

If you want to watch a video in popup, just start playing it in normal mode and press the button in your right side (check the image);


On the other end, it has tons of options to customize the interface to get a better experience.


You can open video links either open them in pop-up mode or with the app, bookmark videos, shake device to open pop-up window, choose the default orientation and so on.

That’s it! Hope this application will help you a lot.

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