How to Download Any File using Terminal in Mac

Apple’s Mac is one of the best operating systems out there and there are so many applications like browser, utilities and lot more available for this OS. We have been showing how you can use Mac to develop your own experience day by day.

You know that browsing internet without having a browser is impossible but downloading any file without any browser is not impossible. Although there are so many browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari (best one) for Mac OS X but if you do not like to use them to download any file, here is a trick.

You know if you are using a browser to download any large file, you will fall in trouble during browser crash. However, Safari doesn’t crash frequently but there is guarantee. Isn’t it? That is why Mac Terminal is a good substitute.

How to download any file using terminal in Mac?

This is however very easy. You just need the download link and that’s all. Just open your Terminal in Mac and start typing the following line;

curl –O url

download any file using terminal in Mac


curl –O

Download Stats:

You will get a better download stats than any browser in Terminal. You will get total file size, remaining time, current download speed, received memory, spent time and so on.

download any file using terminal in Mac

That’s it! Hope this terminal trick is helpful for you.

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