How to Use Current Time as Pin to Lock Your Android

You know that Android is a popular operating system and this is used by millions of people from all over the world. You can set different types of locking system to protect your data from being stolen or handed over to any unwanted person.

Previously, we have mentioned tons of applications on this blog and most of them are really useful. If you are an old reader of VersedTech, you might have seen that we published a tips to let you know that why pattern lock is not so good whereas pin lock is the best.

We have been using pin lock on our Android and other smart devices instead of any other locking system like pattern lock, slide etc. Here today we are going to introduce such a software that will let you lock down your phone according to current time, which is running on Android 4.0.3 and later versions.

Introducing TimePin to lock your phone:

This is such a great application for him or her who want to protect your phone and do not let anyone give any clue to crack the password. It requires your device administrator permission to run completely on your phone.

TimePin to lock your phone

How does TimePin work?

The working method of TimePin is really interesting and it seems very helpful as well. Suppose current time is 18:23 (6:23PM). whenever it will ask for pin, you have to enter either 1823 or 0623 (It depends on time that you are using).

At first, you have to set a default pin. To be honest, we do not have much knowledge about this pin’s working method.

After that, you will get a screen something like the following picture;

TimePin to lock your phone

Just tap on Enable TimePIN’s ON/OFF button to enable this locking system. The lock screen looks pretty good too.

TimePin to lock your phone

Variation of TimePin lock:

There are three types of locking system entered in this single app. That means you can set three types of pin and those are as follows;

TimePin to lock your phone

Double PIN:

By default, TimePIN requires the pin for once but if you choose Double PIN, you have to enter the same pin twice. It means, if current time is 18:23 or 06:23PM, you have to enter 18231823 or 06230623 as pin.

Mirror PIN:

It works just more than great. If your current time is 18:23 or 06:23PM, you have to enter 18233281 or 06233260 as pin to unlock your phone.

Reverse PIN:

It is also good. You have to enter 3281 or 3260 if your current time is 18:23 or 06:23PM.

Final word:

The overall working procedure of TimePin is brilliant. We have not found any other alternative of TimePin that set a pin according to current time.

We hope this little application would help you a lot.

Get it on Google Play

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