Beginner Guide to Create Contact Form using Google Form

Google Form was and is one of the best online form creator that is powered by Google. You can easily create different types form like contact form, digital greetings card, various apply form and lot more.

You can do many things with the help of Google Form. Suppose, you have a directory type of website you choose only those sites, which could comply with your policy. For example, is a popular site where the admin adds various bloggers and entrepreneurs according to some policies.Beginner Guide to Create Contact Form using Google Form

Instead of using any paid and documented application form, Google Form usability might be easier and very easy to deal with it. You can simply put some fields to let others enter their details according to their requirements. You can also make some fields required to get that info for better connection building.

Step by step guide to create contact form using Google Form:

This is however very easy and not yet much time consuming at all. At first, decide and write down all fields in your notepad that you would like to add in your contact form. For example,

Name, Email ID, Subject line, Reason of contacting (Like multiple choice), Comment and a captcha.

So, after writing everything down, open Google Drive and create a new form. At first, you have to enter your form name (e.g. Versed Tech Contact Form) and choose a theme that is looking simple and professional.


After that, you can add different questions like “What is your name?” or “What is your Email ID?” etc.


For the first field, the option is limited but you will get more field option from the second field.


As mentioned above, if you want to make a field required, just check the Required question option.


There is no limit to the number of field to create or add in your contact form. But for understanding it better and communicate better, you should always add less but only useful item in your contact form. Anyway, you know that spamming is being increased from last year and you should also add a captacha like field in your contact form as well to prevent bots from sending spam email.

You cannot create a captcha field but you can password protect your Google Form easily to do the same. For this, just create a field and set the setting as following picture;


Means, check Data validation >> Regular Expression >> Matches

Whatever you will enter between ^$ will be your password. That means, if you enter ^SUDIP$, your password will be SUDIP. You must have to enter SUDIP to unlock your form, not sudip.

Now its time to set up Confirmation Page. Alike other forms, you can enter custom message for your email senders in Google Form. On the other end, you can also Show link to submit another response, let others Publish and show a link to the results of this form to all responders (not recommended) and let responders to edit responses after submitting.

google form confirmation page options

After doing everything as mentioned above, now your form is ready to share with your readers. To do so, click the Send form button that is located at the top right of your screen and copy the link to share.


Each contact form creates a separate spreadsheet to collect users information. Whenever someone will fill up your contact form, you will get a new row in your existing spreadsheet. That can be changed anytime to create separate spreadsheet each time.

I hope this tutorial will be helpful for you to create a contact form using Google Form without having any knowledge.

Stay tuned because I am going to share more tutorials about Google Form from next time.

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