How to Add Mouse Cursor in Screenshot in Mac

You know that Apple develops Mac and this is one of the best operating systems ever for developers and designers. If you don’t like to play games, Mac should be your first preference to get a better experience in computing.

I have been using Mac for almost 8 months now and I am very satisfied. I have previously mentioned so many software and tips and how to guides to do something in faster and simpler method.

If you are already using this OS, I am pretty sure that you have tried capturing screenshot of your screen to share something with friends. You can easily capture screenshot in Mac by pressing either Cmd + Shift + 3 or Cmd + Shift + 4.

However, if you have noticed it carefully, you might have seen that Mac doesn’t capture the mouse cursor in any kind of screenshots. Sometime it is ok but sometime it is not. Adding a mouse cursor in screenshot gives a professional look.

Add Mouse Cursor in Screenshot in Mac

I have been using SnagIt on Windows for long time and it could capture the mouse cursor as well. However, I have not SnagIt on Mac a lot and that’s why I cannot say if it can do the same like Windows or not.

On the other end, you don’t need to buy a premium software to add mouse cursor in screenshot because you can do so using a dashboard widget, which is absolutely free.

Introducing Screenshot Plus to add mouse cursor in screenshot:

This is however very easy to install it. Just head on to the Screenshot Plus installation page and click the “Download” button. It will automatically install in your system. This widget is available for Mac OS X 10.4 or later versions.

How to capture screenshot using Screenshot Plus?

It is yet another simple task. Just go to your Dashboard. You can either press F12 or navigate to Launchpad >> Dashboard. After that, find out the Screenshot Plus widget that looks as follows;

Add Mouse Cursor in Screenshot in Mac

You can capture screenshot in several method like Full Screen, Timed, Manual Selection, Widget and Window. Just select a type of screenshot and you are ready now. After capturing a screenshot, you can find another screen that will be looking like the following image;

Add Mouse Cursor in Screenshot in Mac

Just press the Middle button to save it in your desktop. You can also copy the screenshot in your clipboard if you are doing any editing.

Final Word:

This trick is fully compatible with Mavericks and you can easily do all the aforementioned things. Now it seem that adding a cursor in screenshot is as simple as said.

Screenshot Plus
  • Usability
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  • Price


Screenshot Plus is a great Dashboard widget for Mac to add mouse cursor in screenshot.

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