Ten Things You should Know about the New iOS 6 Settings

The new iOS 6 setting is conspicuously different from the settings of the iOS 5 version. There are possibilities that the user may miss some of the latest features in iOS 6 since these are not found within the app itself and could only be discerned from ‘Setting’ app.  Another aspect that needs to be remembered is that some of the changes are device-specific in that it may be found in some device but absent in others. This article is based on standard Apple iPhone 4S settings, which incorporates most of the new iOS 6 settings in iPhones into its settings.

Ten Things You should Know about the New iOS 6 Settings


The progression of Bluetooth application has also grown exponentially in recent years thanks to advancement of relevant technology and ready acceptance by wide genre of users in all age groups and other demographics. In line with the growing popularity and usage of Bluetooth, Apple has now decided to move the Bluetooth settings from the inside of the General Section to the proximity on top of Settings in current versions of iPhone settings.

Do Not Disturb

This is an absolutely new option in iOS 6. This facilitates blocking calls and alerts from making sounds when the user, typically, does not wish to be disturbed, especially when one is asleep and does not wish to be disturbed by intruding calls. All that needs to be done for enabling this feature in iPhone is to move the slider from ‘Off’ to ‘On’. It is in this option that users could customize this feature. The choice of hours for this feature to be effective could be specified. Besides, users could also create exceptions for calls from specific people or for a call that is calling incessantly within a time frame, say 3 minutes or so.


This provides due notifications in the event of any updates to their app occurs. The notifications could be in terms of Facebook update, breaking news update, prospective calendar appointment or even arrival of current news update. Notifications set forth what genres of alerts are needed by users, customized for app. Discretion use or non use of badges are also offered for notifications, or even in relation to text banner display or sound playing. The user could even decide whether the Notification Center could carry the current notifications of the app or otherwise.

Share Widget

This is an additional new feature in iphones and from this setting, there are enablement to consider whether or not the Tap to Tweet and Tap to Post (Facebook) options could be used or not, at the discretion of users.


This being a totally new innovative aspect in iOS6, it provides for modifications and amendments to which app could access data from other app. For illustration purpose, if the ‘Busy to Do’ app has gained permission to access data from Calendar app, this permission could be revoked or reversed using Privacy app.  This is indeed a novel feature which may probably be exclusive to just Apple phones.

Genius for Apps

This is a feature of App Store app and its enabling offers recommendations of new apps for the users, based on purchase history. Since this is enabled in Location Services, the feature modifies its recommendations based on the position and location of the user. This also enables recommendations by regularly sending data about the apps in the device to Apple, on request. Essentially, the data about apps would be combined incognito with data provided by other Genius for Apps users, to improve and upgrade Apps recommendations for all users.


Under the new settings, Maps have their own Apple enabled setting section. Through this option, it is now possible for users to tweak the volume of the turn-by-turn navigational voice or offer choices of whether distance should be visualized in miles or in kms.


The new option in Safari settings are the option of Use Cellular Data for Reading List, which offers the option of saving Reading List from iCloud via a 3G/LTE connection as well as Wi-Fi one. Safari’s advanced setting offers new Web Inspector option which offers access to USB-connected iOS device from the Develop menu of Safari on Mac. After connection and Safari icon displayed in iOS device, it is now possible for users to select webpages and also access a wide range of useful options for web developers for debugging works.

Guided Access

Restricts and guides movements especially when handled by children. This needs both Password for entry and exit. Besides having default disabling of physical buttons, one could also go to Options for disabling touch and/or motion sensitivity.

New Shared Photo stream features:

This is available for users having iOS devices with cellular access, in line with new Face Time setting to use Cellular Data. However for AT & T devices, it may be necessary to seek data service changes in line with AT & T shared data plans. Generally speaking, there is a “Use Cellular Data for” segment which enables to choose which of the Apple apps and features need to perform from cellular connections. Default is restricted to just Wi-Fi connections only.


Indeed the iOS 6 adds a great deal of new, useful, attractive and modern features for common usage for users of Apple iPhones. However, even with a great deal of new and innovative features it is often the discretion of the users on how selective and regular they are in the use of state-of-the-technology and how best their own assuage and performance could be bettered and imported with the use of the new features that are embedded in the Apple iPhone 4S settings.

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