Top 24 Must Have Android Apps for New Phone

What ever platform you choose, nothing can beat Android in terms of availability of software, games and usability. You can simply opt in to an Android device rather than iOS or Symbian by spending few hundred dollars. But Android phone without any app is something like website with no content. So, to fulfill this “content”, today’s article is being here.

Top 24 Must Have Android Apps for New Phone

Best 24 Apps for Android:


When it comes to a new phone, browser should be installed in your phone right away after buying. Even though you get a default Android browser in your phone but in most of the cases, it does not play a great and useful role. So, that is when third party browsers come in.


Alike other major platforms, Chrome is also available for Android. This browser takes bit more memory but you can surely turn on data compression in Chrome beta to reduce the bandwidth usage. But we would not recommend you to use Chrome when you have a limited data connection. You can synchronize your bookmarks between phone and PC if you would sign in to Chrome.


This is yet another great browser, which comes with so many free add-ons – just like computer version. We have previously introduced lot of add-ons to make your experience better. Generally, Firefox is used when you want to do blog right from your mobile. We have tried this browser in various circumstances like blogging from mobile, read long article etc.

Opera Mini:

This is the only option, when you have limited data connection. Our few couple of friends are using this browser for a long while and all of them are totally satisfied. But some people are trying to compare Firefox and Opera Mini. You want to read such an assessment, here is our detailed comparison be Firefox and Opera Mini.

Email Client

You know that email is must to use your Android phone from the first day. You can use it without having an email ID but most of it’s features will be deactivated. You might be satisfied with default email client for Android but we are not. Here are some most awesome email clients out there for Android.


myMail is a fully featured email client that supports different email providers like,, etc. you can install this app with a minimum requirement (Android 2.2 is enough). If you want to know more about this brilliant email client, here is our well-documented review of myMail.


This is one of the best and most popular email client that supports multiple account at one time. You can also use more than one email account in in-built email client but the user experience is not so good when you will be totally satisfied with MailDroid. This software is available in free as well as pro version. Obviously, pro version has some pro-features like add-free, less memory usage, up-down arrow to move email to next or previous, two different widgets on homescreen and lot more. MailDroid review is enlisted here.


SolMail users know the power of simplicity. The simplest email client for Android is SolMail that supports Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail etc. system requirement for running this app is also less. You can easily run this client if you have Android 2.3.3 or later version. It is a great search option and the compose email section is pretty awesome and better than other email clients. You can read more about SolMail at here.

RSS Reader

After setting up your email client and browser to explore internet, now its time to install a RSS reader to read daily news from your favorite blog. We have sorted out some readers those we have reviewed.

Google Play Newsstand:

This is simplest way to add feeds and read them when you have time on your hand. Google Play Newsstand has less option and that’s why this is one of the most popular yet featured RSS readers out there. Read More.


If you want to use such a software that has only one or two alternatives, Feedly is the app that you need. This is one of the best RSS feed readers available for almost every platforms and you can also use it a web app. We are using it for a long time and it has been attracted by us from the first day.


This is the only alternative to Feedly. You can reead top blogs including Mashable, Techcrunch, The Verge and more others without even adding because the developers has already added them. It has a flipping user interface, which is really awesome. There are also so many brilliant and attractive features of Flipboard. But you have to use it to get so. <Download Flipboard>


If you want to read favorite blogs in a great interface, Pulse might be your best RSS reader. is the website for Pulse and you can also read your favorite blogs and websites right from your browser as well. After Google Reader, Pulse was the one and only reader that has been grown up rapidly. Know more about Pulse RSS Reader at here.


This is not only a RSS reader but also you can use it like a Twitter client. It has pretty awesome user interface that might be helpful for you to read long article on your Android device. Flyne is only 2.3MB and available for Android 4.0 and later versions.

Read-it Later

Sometime when you want to read some articles but cannot do so due to lack of time, you can simply save them in a read-it later application. Some of them are mentioned below.


This is the app that we are using on all Android devices. This is available for various platforms including Android, iOS, Web based etc. You can simply buy it for only $2.99 from Google Play. After buying it, you need to create an account on Instapaper to use it further.


Pocket is yet another great read-it later tool for Android. Although it pretty large in size (7.3Mb) but you can install it on any phone that is running on Android 2.2 or later versions. If you are looking for an alternative to Instapaper, Pocket might be your first choice. You can also import all saved articles from Instapaper to Pocket.

To-Do List Manager

If you want to do more work in less time, you have only one option. You have to write down all your tasks in a spreadsheet and follow that everytime. Otherwise, you will be less productive.


This is such an app that is available at free of cost and almost all major platforms including Windows, Android, iOS etc. This is the tool by which we are managing our tasks from past few months. It requires Android 2.2 and up to run and increase your productivity. Read full review of Wunderlist at here.


This is such an app that has fewer options but all of them are really useful. Type less, Do more – this is their tagline and they are good in their track. You can do more by giving less effort. All you tasks can be written in this app to execute within moments. On the other hand, it is pretty large (7.9Mb) but it doesn’t take much memory after installing. Download Any.Do.

Cloud Storage App

There are so many cloud storages like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive (formerely SkyDrive) and lot more. You can read detailed comparison between Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive at here.

Google Drive:

This is one of the best cloud storage that provides lot of free space on signing up. The Google Drive app is also available for Android and you can easily download and store your important files on Google Drive.


Alike Google Drive, you can use Dropbox right from your Android device. This app available for almost all versions of Android and come with a great interface. You can save photos, videos and all your important documents within moments from your phone via this app.


OneDrive app, the re-branded version of SkyDrive, is nothing but best application for Android. You can get addition storage over 7GB of free space if you turn on camera upload. You can get sharing link and get better thumbnails and nicer photo view if you are using Android 4.0+.


This is one more cloud storage from where you can 100Gb of free memory. The interface of Surdoc looks something like file managers. That means, you can organize files in a better way. Read full review of Surdoc at here.

Social Networking App

After all, we need to access Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites to connect with our friends and relatives. Although Android provides Facebook app but it is a battery killer. That’s when third party social networking apps come in.


This is a smaller app (3.8Mb) and you can add your various social networking profiles including Facebook, Google+, Foursquare and more. You just need to allow this app to access your account so that you can use them simultaneously. Read full review of KeepApp at here.


This is yet another great all-in one social networking app. We are using this service/app in different conditions. We are using this service to share our article on different social networking websites at once. You can do the same to update your various profiles. HootSuite review.


If you have decided to use Facebook app and Twitter, you can simply install either official Twitter app or TweetDeck. We often recommend you to use TweetDeck over official Twitter app because you can use multiple accounts using this tool. TweekDeck review.

Instant Messenger


There is no alternative to WhatsApp. This is the fastest growing instant messenger available for Android, Blackberry, iOS etc. This is very easy to add friends if you have the phone number. But as it does n’t provide any security and anyone can check your conversations, you can use WhatsApp locker to make it secure.


Hike is yet another instant messenger app for various platforms including Android, Windows Phone etc. You need Android 2.2 and up to install this IM. This is popular for it’s simple interface, number of stickers and so on. Download Hike.

Final Word:

There are also so many applications available for Android but today we mentioned only best apps and available for most of devices. Hope most of them will be useful for you.

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