Top 10 Video Trimmer for Windows and Mac

Normally when you need to upload a big size video, it will be very troublesome , so we need to find some video trimming software to solve this problem. Today we are going to introduce the top 10 video trimmer which are popular in the market.

List of top 10 video trimmer:

1. Aimersoft video editor

Aimersoft video editor

Aimersoft video editor is an easy to use powerful video editing program. It allows a person to create movies easily out of all audio, video and images files in just a few clicks. With aimersoft video editor, you can create professional looking movies that have stylish video effect, background music and scene transition and much more to amaze the audience. After you have finished editing your media file aimersoft video editor allows you to save in a format that you prefer or even transfer it to your portable devices.

2. Avidemux


Avidemux can trim video and help you join clips. It also has the ability to apply a lengthy use of useful filters such as crop, add logo, resize, rotate, sharpness, flip, tweak brightness, remove noise, contrast colors and more. Avidemux has lots of options and fine controls that help to make sure everything goes as expected. It is well worth a look, all you have to do is spend a little time and learn how it works. It also has an excellent online wiki that helps document everything. Without doubt, it is a great choice.

3. Kate’s Video Toolkit

With Kate’s Video Toolkit, there is nothing too surprising. It provides some basic as well as useful editing features, which helps you to trim video or join them, create a sequence of videos that have a custom sound track, link two videos with a transition and it has a simple format conversion tool.  Kate’s Video Toolkit is easy to use if you are a person that does not want to read help files and you have simple editing needs, this can be a great choice.

4. Windows Movie Maker 2012

It is one of the simplest moviemaker in the market. Its ease to use makes it one of the user-friendly movie editors as well as movie trimmers. In addition, it supports almost all formats of video. It is simple to add soundtracks to your already trimmed video clips and then save the result ready for use. The most amazing thing about this trimmer s that you can be in control especially when trimming clips and applying some few basic options. The programs main focus is to simplify the art of trimming and making videos to the most simplest form achievable. The simplicity and the video quality is the main reason for its success.

5. Free video cutter joiner

This program is a free tool that allows you to trim and join video files in different formats. It focuses to offer one of the simple and straightforward solutions when it comes to trimming and joining video files. It is a simple application with simplified interfaces that makes the whole process of making videos fu. Though the preview windows does not play video, are crucial in viewing the segments that you have trimmed and would like to join. Thinking of its simplicity and ease to use, it makes Direct Cut processes videos faster. It is one trimming program that you cannot afford to miss.

6. Videopad video editor

Videopad Video Editor is a fully featured commercial video editor that helps you trim and create your own professional video clips. With a simple trim, drag and drop feature-creating video has been made simpler than before. One advantage of the programme is that it is capable of trimming video direct from your camcorder. It supports file saving for you tube making it suitable for individuals who are that much into social media. It supports a wide range of operating systems such as Microsoft Windows OS, from Windows 7, XP to Windows 8. Though 100% commercial it is worth having it owing to its capabilities.

7. Free Video Cutter

Free Video Cutter is a handy trimmer, it enables you extract some part of a video file and has the ability to save it in the same or different format. The best thing about it is that it has a program that is easy to use. It works well with multiple formats and can export various formats such as MOV, WMV, MPEG4, DivX, and FLV OR MP3.  Free Video Cutter has one main video that displays areas to preview your videos as well as some options. It supports AVI, Xvid, Quicktime, flash video as well as other video format. Moreover, it is very lightweight and completely free. By using Free Video Cutter, the output video will have a good quality.

8. Xilisoft Video Editor

Xilisoft video editor 2 allows you to join slit and cut video at the same time. As a videos liter you can trim video in various sizes and join them later in various formats. It provides you with a window to view the source file and the destination file that enables you to watch the video in the preview window. This type video editor works well with windows OS and requires 1GHZ processor or above to work properly. Though it does not support instant sharing of trimmed files, it is worth having.

9. Aya AVI WMV DVD FLV RM MKV MP4 Video Splitter Cutter

It is a software that trims videos and splits large movie files into smaller clips; this is done in various forms. The software is very good and features a high quality conversion rate; it also has a high quality output. The software helps the user to split bulky movies and has a simple graphic user interface. It is easy to use, if you have not used it yet it is worth a try.

10. Sony Vegas

Sony Vegas is a video editing software that is used to modify, trim video, pasting, cutting videos and audio files. It is a windows application and if you are a person that needs full time editing, then this is the software to go for. It enables you to apply special effects, transitions as well as titles to each cut. Sony Vegas allows you to see exactly what will be the outcome of the clips that you are going to edit. This pushes the user’s imagination to a creative way of video editing. It gives the user, such a good experience.

Final Word:

So, you have seen that these are the most popular and easy to use video trimmer. Sometime you will get them free or low price and affordable price. But all of them are worth trying.

Did we miss something? Do let us know.

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