How to Embed Map in Google Docs [Docs Add-on]

Add-ons for Google Docs?

Yes, this is right. Google has introduced add-on gallery for Google Docs. That means, you can easily install any add-on that is useful for you and make use of them to do something faster. You know that Chrome has a web store filled up with add-ons and you can use them to do something even faster.

It has been launched a week back and the attractiveness of this store is being increased day by day. Although you can do so many things using those limited number of add-ons but most of them are pretty useful and not yet much time consuming to understand the workflow.

You know that Google Docs is such a great thing that will let you edit .doc/.docx file online. You can also do more like you can convert files from one format to any other format. In fact, you can use it like a free version of Microsoft Office Word. Although the number of features is less than MS Word but the popularity is not yet less. You can read full comparison between MS Word 2013 and Google Docs at here.

Previously, it was pretty difficult to embed map in Google Docs. Sometime, when we need to explain a location like small city or a small park to someone, who doesn’t have any information about that, you can simply put a piece of map to make that out.

How to embed map in Google Docs?

This is however very easy and not yet much time consuming. Just sign in to your Google account and go to this link to install Map add-on. You will have to allow this add-on to view and manage your documents in Google Drive and connect to an external service.

embed map in Google Docs

After that, write a location in Google Docs. Then select it and navigate to Add-ons >> Maps for Docs >> Get Location.

embed map in Google Docs

If you have entered a correct location, you will get a screen something like the following picture;

embed map in Google Docs

Just press the Paste to Doc button to add the location in map.

That’s all! Hope this tutorial will be helpful for you. Do let us know if you have question.

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