DU Speed Booster – Ultimate System Optimizer for Android

People are using Android and iOS devices a lot rather than other platforms. However, most of the people cannot get a better experience with the phone or tablet because they don’t do anything in order to get so.

It’s been a long days since my stopped working well and the battery level went down. Although I have been using DU Battery Saver to save my battery life but I was thinking to start using a system optimizer and DU Speed Booster has been doing it’s task very well.

Even I tried searching some alternatives to DU Speed Booster but have not found even a single app for Android. If you are facing the same problem like me, you must have to use DU Speed Booster right away.

DU Speed Booster User Interface:

The interface of this tiny but powerful system optimizer is just more than awesome. There is no such confused features or options. The simple interface will let you understand what you are going to do or what you are doing right now. It has really polished user interface.

Features and User Guide of DU Speed Booster:

All of it’s features are really straightforward and not much multifaceted to make out. At a glance, 99% people will think that DU Speed Booster has less options and it cannot do what I really want.

Du Spped Booster user interface

At first, I was thinking the same but after using it for a while, my though became totally wrong. I have previously said that it has a great interface and the lay out of this app is really clean and that’s why most of the people think wrong about it.

From the start screen, you can get points that depends on temporary files, APK files stored in your system, battery life, games and more others. Just press the “DETECT NOW” button to get all those details that you should know in order to make your phone faster.

du speed booster optimization

Note: As always, better point indicates goodness.

Other features of DU Speed Booster are separated into different tabs like Accelerator, Trash Cleaner, App Manager and Game Booster.


From this section, you can get details about different running processes, applications, games etc. You can get auto-start app list too.

Du speed booster accelerater

All you have to do is to press the Accelerate button and that’s all!

Trash Cleaner:

This section does what it says. I mean, you can erase all cache, temporary files, thumbnail cache, check and remove large files from your SD card.

du speed booster trash cleaner

To do aforementioned tasks, just navigate to Trash Cleaner section and press the Clean button followed by Smart Scan.

App Manager:

du speed booster app manager

This section will let you know all installed apps on one screen. From here, you can uninstall multiple apps at one time. To do so, just go to “Uninstall” tab under “App Manager” and select app(s) to remove.

Features of App Manager

You know that every kind of phones have some applications and those are known as system pre-installed apps. The interesting thing is you can delete those pre-installed apps by making use of DU Speed Booster if you don’t need them.

Disc.: Use this section at your own risk. Versed Tech will not be responsible for any kind of damage.

If you are using any app such a Super Backup that creates backup of every installed apps automatically, you might fall in trouble due to low memory. That is where APK Manager comes in. you can delete those .apk files from your phone easily using it.

If you have so many applications in your internal memory, you can easily move them to your SD card using this section.

Du Speed Booster App2SD

Just press the SD card symbol and you will be redirected to the in-built settings pane of your phone to do everything.

Game Booster:

This section will detect games installed in your phone and optimize the resource files to make your game faster. It has pretty good recognition of games.

Final Word:

Who else doesn’t want to get a better involvement with his/her phone? But for getting so, you must have to do something effective and DU Speed Booster is one of those apps that could make your phone 60% faster.

Get it on Google Play

Du Speed Booster
  • Apps Optimization
  • Games Optimization
  • System Cleaner
  • Trash File Cleaner
  • APK File Manager
  • Auto-Start Manager


Speed up your Android phone by 60% with Du Speed Booster.

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