Baidu Browser – the Ideal Mobile Browser for Android

You know that internet is growing rapidly and with this internet people have started using smart devices like Android phone, iPhone, iPad and more that similar to them.

However, one thing people often face. That is poor browsing experience. Although there are so many browser for Windows and Mac but when it comes to choosing browser for Android, you should check various important features like speed to get most out of one app.

Previously, I wrote a comparison between Opera Mini and Firefox for mobile and today I am going to introduce yet another great web browser for Android 2.2 and later versions.

Introducing Baidu Browser:

The interface of Baidu Browser is really clean and user friendly. On the homepage, you can get most of the famous websites i.e. Google, IndiaTimes, Facebook, Yahoo, Flipkart etc. to search faster.

baidu browser interface

You can also get weather forecasts right from this homepage. For that, just tap on the first tile on homepage.

Browsing Speed:

The browsing speed is really great even in low speed data connection – just like Opera Mini. As by default, Baidu Browser enables Javascript, you can get ads from different ad network like Google AdSense. Still the speed is not bad at all.


Actually, several third party features like Read Later have been there in Baidu Browser. To use read later feature, you can tap on options menu and select Read Later button.

baidu browser read later

➤ On the other hand, you can also tap on the star button beside the URL bar to save any page in a ‘read-later’ window or bookmark that page or add page to speed dial or pin any page to desktop.

➤ Brightness plays a vital role while reading long article. But this browser handles it correctly. You can either set custom brightness or put it on auto mode.

➤ Suppose, you do not like images or any other media files on a page that you would like to read. For that, Text-Only mode is there in Baidu Browser.

➤ Another great feature is Night mode. You know that you don’t need much light when you are in a dark place or the light around you is pretty low. At this time, you can simply opt in to “Night mode”.

Additional features of Baidu Browser:

baidu browser options

➤ The next big thing is Screenshot. You know that Android 4.0 and later versions offer users to capture screenshots by pressing power button and volume down button at one time. But if you are using lower versions of Android ICS and want to take screenshot of any webpage, you can using Baidu Browser to do so.

➤ You know that every web browser stores all browsing data like websites you have entered, cookies, browsing cache etc. by default. But if you don’t want to let browser collects them, you can easily use Incognito mode to do so.

➤ There is yet another great feature of Baidu Browser for that it is much popular. That is QR code scanner. Suppose, you have a QR code that is sent by your friend to do something important. If you have Baidu Browser, you can easily scan that code and go to that website.

baidu browser qr code scanner

For that, just press the QR button located in the URL bar and align the code within the frame. That’s it!

If you don’t like the default homepage and want to change something like wallpaper, websites etc, just go to Options >> More >> Wallpaper and select one that you like most.

Final Word:

Web browser plays a vital role on smartphones like Android since the default Android browser is not much good. I have been using Chrome (beta) for a long, which is not much good in low speed data connection. It seems, I have to switch to Baidu Browser right away.

Get it on Google Play
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