OLX – Buy or Sell Products online in a single click

OLX is the top leading buying and selling platform for all type of things. You can post free classifieds in their community which reach all over the world and get a great user response. To reach more and for better portability they have newly made an OLX App for mobile so you can easily buy or sells items in a single click.

As mobile app development is on hike OLX is now available for android and you can post OLX classifieds for Android and iOS too.

OLX - Buy or sell products online

Advantages of using the app

Are you looking to sell something or buy?

– Click on the picture of the product you wish to sell from the app

– Include a brief summary of its features

– Estimate the price you want to charge for the product

– Provide your contact information

-and you are ready to go!


Differences between mobile site and app

Our mobile apps are native apps, and therefore the interface is much better to use for each specific platform. In addition, native apps leverage platform APIs to include features like Auto location and photo clicking and upload during the ad posting process.

Features of the OLX Application

1. The option “share” allows you to share your ad with your Facebook friends

2. With this OLX app it is not necessary to share the location coordinates, but you can update the ad’s location for it to be easier to look for
products or services depending on their location.

3. This is done through the maps’ integration within the app. The ease and convenience of the OLX Free Classifieds app gives you the power to buy or sell “on the go” in your local area. It does not matter what you may be looking for, you can find it all on OLX.

4. Updates you very faster within few click around you local classified and posting fresh classifieds from mobile is much cooler and simpler. If you have a smart phone and want to track all the products then OLX mobile app is the best application for you!

5. Super simple ad posting: take a picture with your phone camera, describe your ad and sell it.

So How to get it on your Mobile?

Downloading this application is very easy as learning 123, Just you need to logon to the corresponding sites and sign it there for permissions. Now you can download OLX for your mobile.

Finding what you are looking for is becoming increasingly easier with OLX’s apps improvements. With the optimization of our Smartphone apps (native apps), searching, finding, selling and buying the products you are looking for is now also simpler. It has become even easier to use this service from a mobile 021phone than from a desktop PC.
OLX will be much cooler and effective on mobile devices as you can get the updates on your phone itself and you won’t miss any product with a nice offer! Just beware of few dealers and customers, some may be fraud and don’t deal the product without viewing it with your eyes. Deal it only if has a minimum guarantee, good condition and other stuff whichever required to you!

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