How to Recover Deleted Files from SD Card?

In the world today, we always talk about being mobile and we always seem to carry with us a portable device wherever we go. Be it our smartphone, a tablet, a digital camera or anything in that manner. When we become too dependent on technology, there will come a time when the device comes crashing down and we will be scratching our head to perform data recovery and to recover deleted files from sd card.

With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional, data recovery is made simple. All it takes are 3 simple steps and the data recovery process is under way. As easy as 1 – Launch the Program, 2 – Scan your Device and 3 – Preview and Recovery and only in minutes rather than hours can you recover deleted files from sd card.

All kinds of data on our portable device, for example our family photos, pictures of the places we go and the food that we eat as well as all our favorite songs and important documents can be easily restored to its original condition and location. The lost data can either be from deletion, formatting, inaccessible or raw partition, a virus attack, improper operation for example improper removal of sd card while it is still being connected to the computer.

So in order to perform the data recovery, simply connect the sd card that you want to recover to your computer. This process is best done as soon as you discover that the data on the sd card was lost or missing which makes the data recovery process much smoother and it should be able to recover deleted files from sd card almost entirely. Because the way our storage device works is that deleted files are only marked as ‘free’ but it is not totally deleted; as soon as fresh data is entered, the previously space marked as free will be overwritten by the newer data. So the earlier you run the data recovery process, the much better chance of success that you will get.

Step 1 is to launch the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional program and make sure you connect your sd card to your computer using the right adapter.

types of lost files easeus

After the program starts, step 2 begins and it will automatically perform a quick scan on your sd card to find the lost files in just 1 minute.

location to select in easeus software

Step 3 is where you can then preview and locate the files that you need. If you are not able to find the lost files that you wanted, you can then select deep scan to check your sd card sector by sector and proceed to find all the lost or hidden files. All in all, it should not take you more than just a few minutes to complete the entire 3-step process of data recovery. That’s how efficient and powerful it is and you should have no trouble to recover deleted files from sd card.

scan in easeus software

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional is available for $69.95 USD for a single user license and is backed by a 30 days money back guarantee. There’s also a trial version which you can download and try it out before deciding to purchase it.

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