The Right Way to Handle Unstable Traffic

Sudden increase in your website traffic? Be anxious because it might be a traffic spike! Learn to handle traffic the R.I.G.H.T way!



There are just some days when website traffic’s weird nature is simply unexplainable. It would sometimes rise up to its very peak. Sometimes, it would simply simmer down. It would go like this for days, and sometimes, it would change without knowing it. This just shows how dynamic site traffic is.

YourTrafficHits knows how hard it is to keep a steady flow of traffic on a certain website. Every website marketer knows that site traffic cannot be contained that easy. It may look good at first, but having unstable traffic can cause harm to a certain website.

Here are some possible outputs that could happen to a website if traffic spikes continuously go on.

  • Bounce rates would increase – The irregularity of web traffic could increase the ratio of its website’s bounce rates.
  • Websites could shut down without notice – Websites have their own traffic limits. Abusing this limitation could break your website down.
  • Crawlers will reprimand that site with bad rankings – Search engine crawlers such as Google Crawlers do not like traffic spikes. To them, sites with consistent spikes should be avoided by users. This is the reason why Google rebukes sites to avoid user dissatisfaction.

Search Engine Optimization is about everything when it comes to online marketing. Poor SEO could leave any website behind, causing it to lose possible conversions and sales.

This is simply why YourTrafficHits came up with these 5 ways to handle unstable traffic. Every marketer should only need to remember the letters R.I.G.H.T.

1.       Reflect on the website – When you suddenly experience increase website traffic on your site, you must try to think clear first. Website marketers should always consider their overall website as a factor when it comes to traffic spikes. It can be caused by inconsistent quality and quantity of contents.

2.       Investigate the system – Website owners should do regular site checkups whenever possible. Most of the time, unmaintained websites are the ones that suffer from server shut-downs. As much as possible, website owners must take a full review about the website system.

3.       Gather all possible analytics – Sometimes, analytics are enough to figure out the main cause of spikes. Some website marketers turn to analytics in order to acquire full report about their traffic. There are times when data alone can help pin down the root cause of traffic spikes.

4.       Hunt down the web traffic source – The next thing that website marketers should do next is to find the source of the traffic. In this way, they will be able to have an idea about the spike. There are certain times when the main problem of site traffic spike can be found on the source itself.

5.       Take action – Once the website owner figures out the main cause of the problem. He or she should apply possible actions in order to contain their traffic. This should be performed ASAP before crawlers could identify the spike and be reprimanded with bad ranking.

A well maintained website can easily generate even the most meticulous targeted traffic. Just like what YourTrafficHits usually tell to their traffic consumers, every marketer should be aware of what is happening to their traffic. An orderly website means great traffic generation. Good traffic generation leads to conversions while conversions all lead to sales.

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