6 reasons why Singapore is the best place to live

  1. Food capital of the world


Singapore controls the ‘internet with food blogs where hungry people divide, contend, compare and swap foodie fodder, scrubbing the island for new tastes. And nearly every possible victual from every earthly corner has a home in Singapore. Decorative authentic Egyptian Baba Ghanoush? Arab Street’s got you covered. Desire something Nigerian besides a scam e-mail? Find it on Verdun Road in Minute India. If it is comestible and fits on a plate, bowl, banana leaf or sheet of paper, we will wolf it with zeal. But if you truly want to sample Singapore’s food culture, go straight to any of the hawker centers in the heartlands – there is a huge variety of stalls there at dirt-cheap prices.


  1. Green thrives in the big gray city


Singapore’s a Garden City, factually. Among the real jungle we call home, there’s the Botanical Gardens, HortPark, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, MacRitchie Reservoir — each claiming countless varieties of flora and fauna.

But the most common imprint left visitors to Singapore worries the rows of trees that line roads all over, from expressways to residential streets. It’s not just a green facade – Singapore is a champion of environmental creativities, from the world’s largest CNG refueling station to its first Solar Green lots for electric vehicles.


  1. Greatest living politician


No one in Singapore, irrespective of political hoop, has anything but a healthy respect — perhaps even awe — for Minister Counsellor Lee Kuan Yew. He led Singapore to independence in 1965 and work for as its first Prime Minister for 31 years, setting the record as the world’s longest-serving Prime Minister. He is the architect of Singapore’s present affluence, laying a foundation of nation-building which has taken Singapore from a drowsy little island to one of Asia’s most developed states, in spite of its small population, limited space and lack of natural resources.


  1. Dedicated to keeping us alive forever


Singapore has one of the finest health care infrastructures in the world, with numerous dignitaries and royals from the region demeaning local hospitals — Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe even slipped in quietly for a ‘secret cancer check-up’ in the year 2008. The health care facility system is also one of the world’s best, so decent that some say it beats the planned Obama Care model.


  1. First and only Night Race in the world


Singapore is the first F1 venue to host a night race on its streets, and will do so for quite a few years to come. The inaugural race in 2008 also made the city-state an unfortunate distinction for being the one in which Team Renault boss Flavio Briatore ordered Nelson Piquet to crash, giving teammate Fernando Alonso the win. It’s now known as the Singapore ‘Crashgate’ scandal — which might lend some cred to Singapore’s squeaky-clean image.


  1. Water technology so good


Through absolute effort, and more than a little worry (Singapore imports less than half the population’s water from neighboring Malaysia with agreements set to expire in 2011 and 2061), the island turned to purification technologies to provide for desiring citizens. The result is NeWater, which is non-potable wastewater drinkable into high-purity H2O that can be used for industrial development and even drinking.

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