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Xiaomi Mi3 is something which has proven to be a disrupting device in the price range of 14,000 INR to 24,000 INR, so here we come with the best xiaomi mi3 review you need to look at. This Chinese smartphone manufacturer is known for manufacturing the device in small batches and then selling them all at once. They are always in the news when it comes to Chinese Android market and till now they have tried to maintain a similar reputation in Indian Market too. Some of the experts say that this is a marketing gimmick of Xiaomi which includes creating an artificial scarcity which leads to showcasing of high demand of its product in the market but then those are just the implications.

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Now as far as its specifications are concerned then it stands unbeatable in the market, because when we talk about its price range then no other contender is even close to this device. Xiaomi Mi3 is the only device where you get a feel of iOS over an Android device because it is crystal clear that MIUI is totally inspired by iOS (but not in all aspects). In this post we are going to talk about this device, giving you a detailed review about it.

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Let’s Now do the Xiaomi Mi3 Review :

Xiaomi’s Mi3 Build Quality:

The device feels big when you hold it, but then when you look at such big devices you tend to feel that they will be heavy, which is not in the case with Xiaomi Mi3. Let’s tell you more about it in this Xiaomi Mi3 Review. Now, I won’t say that it is really light but 145g distributed across your palm (because of its square edges) seems lighter as compared to the other devices.

Xiaomi Mi3 Build

The thickness of the device is also just 8.1mm but then something which may bother you are the square edges, something which is not conventional among the other Android devices. The back of the device is made up with a metallic material and there is a usual branding of the OEM at the bottom of the back chassis. The back body of Xiaomi Mi3 is pretty resistant from scratches or I should say that even if there are scratches on the back, then they will not be seen clearly because of the texture of that chassis.


The size of display is of 5 Inches (something really conventional about the smartphones these days) and that too with the Full HD resolution (1080p), hence resulting in the pixel density of 441 PPI, which is really-really good or I should say the best you can get with a 5 Inch screen. I have personally liked the display a lot, because it way clearer from the Retina Display of iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 and hence I can see the difference clearly.

Xiaomi Mi3 Lock Screen

The display supports multi-touch and is protected with Gorilla Glass 3 coating (but that doesn’t mean that you can carry it without a screen guard). The display of the device is really good and no matter from which angle you are viewing it, your view will not be blocked or faded. Again the experience of MIUI has been really good with me, mainly because I switched from my iPhone 4S to Xiaomi Mi3.


Now this is something where Xiaomi Mi3 stands really unique because other contenders use a Mediatek Processors to introduce a Quad-Core device in such a price range. Mediatek processor are cheaper in monetary terms as compared to the Qualcomm processors and so they are mainly used by the other brands like Micromax, Karbonn, Lava and others for introducing a Quad-Core or an Octa-Core processor based device in a low-price range device but Xiaomi did not follow this trend.

Mi3 Notification View

Xiaomi Mi3 took an extra step and introduced Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8274AB which is a Quad Core processor operating at the frequency of 2.3 GHz. This is a powerful beast which is not available with any other device below the price of 23,000 INR. This is something which I really liked about the device and let me tell you that even after using this device for last 15 days I did not encounter the issue of UI lag even once.

Camera and Memory

Now again, the camera also reflects its high end quality. It has a 13 MP of primary camera which is supported by Dual-LED Flash. This camera is capable of recording videos with the resolution of 1080p@30fps and snapping high quality images using its inbuilt features like Geo-tagging, touch focus, face and smile detection, HDR and more. Whenever you take any image using HDR mode the name of the image will be prefixed with HDR. So, the segregation of images is also clear and concise. It also has a secondary camera of 2MP, which is decent for a selfie and video calling feature.

Xiaomi MI3 Home Screen

The internal memory of the device is 16 GB, though internationally it has 2 variants on the basis of internal memory (16 GB and 32 GB). It does not support the external memory extension, hence no space for external card slot is available on the device but then it supports OTG with the help of which you could connect you USB-drives for temporary extension.

Battery and Other Features

Again this is something really good in this smartphone, a battery strength of 3050 mAh. I have been watching video for 2 to 3 hours, then playing heavy games like Asphalt 8, calling and chatting for hours but still I had to charge it only once a day. Its battery strength is really good in this price range. You cannot get anything better than this.

Mi3 Game Play

The other common connectivity features like WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G are available with the device. You will not be getting any headsets with this device. When I received the device from Flipkart it was preloaded with Android 4.4.2, so I was not supposed to install any of the updates on the device.

Mi3 Folder icons

As far MIUI is concerned then, unlike other Android version you will not have a different home screen and menu screen. In other words there will be no menu screen and all the installed applications will be available on the home screen. You will also have an inbuilt application to download various themes and change the looks of your phone again and again, though I would suggest that keeping a simple theme would be great for the performance of your device, avoid using live wallpaper and lock screens.

Xiaomi Mi3 Notifications View

You will have an application named MiCloud which is quite similar to iCloud service on your iOS devices. You will have free cloud storage against your Mi ID but after that you can buy more as per their plans. The best part about MIUI is the freedom to uninstall those preinstalled applications but then I am still not sure that from where can you install them back again. You can see the screenshots of the folders and just to let you know that MIUI6 has also been released recently and there are more resemble with iOS in this latest release.

Xiaomi Mi3 Review Conclusion:

Xiaomi Mi3 Right ways

I would give a thumbs up for this device because you cannot get anything better in the price range of 14,000 INR. It’s not about a single parameter of this device but the combo of specs which a user can exploit. I know it’s hard to get this device as of now and every week the stock goes out within few seconds but then to get such a device you need to give it few chances. Anyways now it has started getting easier to get the device on Flipkart you just need to be little prompt in clicking the buy button.
So this was all about our Xiaomi Mi3 Review, Hope you like it. Please do comment about it and let us know any questions.

Well, If you are in urgent need of a device and you cannot wait that long then I would suggest you Moto G or HTC Desire 616 as its alternative.

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