Review: Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac

Trusted by millions of people from all around the world, Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac is an ideal tool that is used to capture on-screen videos, edit the same and save the videos in any format of your choice. Besides just helping capture screen videos, the tool can also help you capture and record Skype calls and even video guides. The program comes equipped with an inbuilt video editing application that allows you to turn most of your raw on-screen streaming clips into stylish video clips. When using the screen capture on Mac, the tool will allow you get rid of unnecessary fragments from a clip, allow you to enhance the video quality, add music and join the clips together to make a complete video with amazing transitions.

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The best thing about the application is that it user friendly meaning that anyone can work with it without necessarily encountering difficulties. It is easy to work with. To successfully create professionally looking clips, there are basically four steps that need to be followed:

Step 1: Set the Recording Parameters

Before you can even begin to work on your videos, it is very important to set your screen recording parameters. This includes: setting the required frame rate which in most cases is up to 60 fps, adjust the recording area so as to capture the videos and also try to capture audio files from any sources.

Step 2: Record Your Screencast


The second step involves the actual recording process. Using selected hot keys, you can go ahead and take screenshots of what you want while the program is still recording. This step also involves giving yourself a time frame that will be convenient for the program to finish capturing.

Step 3: Edit your Video

The software comes with in-built apps that will make it easier for you to enhance the video quality, divide the same into parts while at the same time getting rid of unwanted fragments and add music to your video to make it a complete masterpiece. There is a lot that this software can do for you. It is only a matter of learning and understanding how best to use it to your advantage.

Step 4: Saving your Video

After everything is done, the final step involves saving the edited video into any given format of your choice. The new SuperSpeed mode will allow you to save your videos in a flash which is something that you’ll appreciate doing. The software allows you to save the final product in a number of formats including MP4, MOV, AVI and any other popular format that you may be aware of. Since the software is equipped with very handy mobile presets, you use the same to watch the final results of your videos and marvel at what you have managed to create. You can stream the same of your tablet, smartphone or any other portable device for that matter. You’ll be amazed by what you have created.

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