Dedicated Server Hosting: Ultimate Destination for Your Website

WordPress can be demanding on the CPU and server resources, not to mention the load those blogs produce on your MySQL too. And soon you may grow out of your shared website hosting as it has so many limitations. This is why many web masters desire to have inexpensive dedicated hosting eventually. You’ll see the enormous benefit of hosting on a dedicated server when your traffic reaches certain numbers. This is actual dedicated hosting in true sense of the term, while virtual hosting is to partition and manage the server through some software. Many hosting corporations really sell the clobber, so if you would like absolute control over the server, including physical, then this could be the most suitable option for you. You may also have to increase security to guard everything from damage or burglary.

From another standpoint, if you select virtual hosting, it’s in your own interest to pick an organization that takes good care of all of its kit, as your online business will depend upon it. Managed and Unmanaged Virtual Dedicated Hosting Servers offer a number of advantages; you can select yourself how much adaptability you would like to have. Add to this the fact that on a shared hosting server the processor time and installed memory is shared with the computer applications required by other users.


Managed or unmanaged, dedicated website hosting helps to make it simpler for you to provide instant support to your own patrons when it is needed. Obviously a prompt support service on your side also suggests happy clients and business expansion. This is true not because your studio will be well placed to offer pure hosting services, but as you will be in a position to offer them package packed with site design activity.

For those managing a company in website design for instance, the benefits of having your own dedicated server are many. But if you can’t find a dedicated web-hosting service to suit your pocket size, you always have the option to go for an inexpensive VPS hosting as next best alternative.

In terms of cost, the main difference between dedicated and VPS hosting is that unlike a dedicated web hosting service, in VPS, you get to share the dedicated server cost with other users. So, if your requirements do not justify going for a dedicated server, it’s often prudent to buy a reliable VPS. Check out some solid and reputable VPS hosting providers here:

Another important thing you need to decide while buying a dedicated (or even a VPS) hosting is whether you need a Linux or a Windows based server. It actually depends upon what application you’d be running or what platform your website will be based upon. In most cases, you can safely go with Linux based hosting unless and until you need to run a Windows based application that’s not supported by Linux OS. Open source technologies like MySQL go well with Linux server hosting. Linux based dedicated server needs low investment. The main advantage of Linux server hosting is that the expenses involved in Linux website hosting platform aren’t high since there is no licensing cost involved; so the hosting price is slashed and passed on to customers.

If you need something even more reliable than traditional dedicated hosting, then cloud hosting is the thing for you. Since your files and data will reside in a ‘cloud’ of network instead of a single standalone server, you will remain unaffected even in extreme cases like complete breakdown of one of the servers in the network. Though costlier than traditional hosting, cloud hosting is the perfect solution for ecommerce and other sensitive projects that need an extra dose of uptime, security and reliability. If budget is not a problem, then you should definitely enjoy a ride on the cloud. You can begin by scanning through some top cloud hosting providers at; just go through the reviews and fix on to the one that you feel is the best for you.

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