CollegeDunia Review: India’s Leading College Search Engine

Besides enjoying the last leg of school life, one starts to wonder what next? What after 12th? Which college should I join? What is the eligibility criterion for one’s dream college?

This process of thinking rather than helping creates stress in student’s brains as well as for the parents. Some students rather than studying aimlessly study smartly. But what about the rest of the students? Where do those students go? There strikes


CollegeDunia: India’s most comprehensive College Search Engine is a website or we can say more like a search engine which one can use as a one stop destination for searching information regarding various colleges, courses and many other details one wishes to know of the interested institute. If a student is seeking for information regarding higher education in India then one can surely benefit from this website. The website contains details about 20,000 colleges and around 6000 courses. One can explore in-depth and the user interface is easy to use and also attractive. It is easy to use and saves a lot of time as well. It provides up to date information about various institutes and the courses they offer.

One the first page of the website one can see various links related to medical, engineering, science, commerce etc. A student can choose any of the provided links and further search about the colleges that offer his interested courses. For example, if a student wants to pursue their career in teaching then they can find Top B.Ed. Colleges in India on very easily. Every college is provided with a rating which is done by collegedunia itself. This parameter might help a student in a better way. The details of the college, fee structure, contact no. and various other details are provided as well. One can narrow down the research with various parameters. Some parameters are like geographical area, fees and even eligibility. It also provides faculty details, important festivals of the college, college ranking and information about the alumni’s.


Let’s talk about the Top B.Sc. Colleges in India, there are innumerous colleges in India offering various specialized courses in But how many of us know about them? St. Stephens College, University of Delhi, is considered as the best science college in India. But getting through that college requires a series of tasks. The details are very easily available on collegedunia. One just has to search the college there.

The site also provides a blog section wherein one can read articles about various colleges. You can put up your queries as well as useful comments there. The best part of this is that one doesn’t have to be a premium member or has to pay to use the facilities! Isn’t it cool?

Collegedunia is the ultimate solution for a student’s worries. Browsing thousands of colleges and courses was never so easy before. It is an aid to help you reach your dream college. It is the ultimate answer to the five W’s of one’s life. So the next time if you want to search about any college or course, you know where to go!

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