5 Best Games for Android (March 2015)

March 2015 has been quite generous and beneficial to the Google play store. Huge numbers of free android applications have flooded in and are working as a blessing in disguise for android game lovers. Skimming through hundreds of games one can come across the best android games listed below. They are free and easy to download.

Crossy road game


The developers have learnt the art on how to develop an ace level of game. The crossy road game online is a simple game wherein the player i.e. a chicken here has to cross the highways and also rivers to score. The farther the player goes higher the score. To move forward the user has to tap the screen which is very easy. They have very subtle features which helps the user to get an ultimate gaming experience.

Five nights at freddy’s 3

Five nights at freddy’s 3

It is the third version of the five nights at freddy’s series. The horrifyingly intriguing features are to be looked forward to. The third addition is a tough competitor to its previous versions! The game is based on a story wherein the Fazbear’s pizza outlet is closed for the past thirty years. The owners bring down the past killer bots from the closed outlet. Every time the camera footage for a room is checked the user is in for a shock.

Grudge ball- The regular show

Grudge ball- The regular show


This game is a bit complex to explain, but once the user downloads it the developers guarantee that they will fall in love with it. It is based on the cartoon’s extreme sports. It is like a dodge ball kind of game in which the user can select three players against the other given three players. The game becomes pretty interesting as the level increases with the new power ups disclosing. It works the best on tablet devices as it offers multiplayer option.

Space Bounties Inc.

Space Bounties Inc.

The universe has trillions of stars, galaxies and planets. This space bounties Inc offers the user a type of 8 bit bounty hunters. One has to create the best as they happen to hunt the fugitives to earn profit. Each dungeon is generated in a procedure, thus, the user cannot use any of his previous techniques to clear the level. This game helps to bring out the best player in you.

Spring ninja


With a simple user interface it has the ability to offer the user much more than what it looks. It is a fun arcade wherein the user has to keep his overweight ninja alive by making him bounce on the platforms. This is done by tapping on the screen. It is easy to play but very difficult to score. Sometimes scoring 10 points also seem difficult. But one should not let their hopes die. By timing the laps the player takes and then putting the springs to best use the player can get hold on good scores. And If you are going for high quality games, do play them on the latest LG’s release i.e LG G4

These games are like time fillers for people. A simple user interface, easy accessibility makes the games quite popular among the masses.

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