Asus EeeBook X205 Review: Priced at Rs 14,999

Notebooks were quite popular in the past. It helped people to gain their own affordable portable computer devices, since smart phones were not really very much into use. Be it gaming or office work nothing could actually beat one’s desktop computers. But laptops offer the user portability, which gives them an edge over the computers then notebooks were offered. The earlier models were quite sluggish to use. By the time improved models were introduced people had already switched to tabs. ASUS announced the launch of its new notebook ASUS EeeBook X205 with windows 8.1. But after 2012, Notebooks didn’t have that same demand. So what does this notebook has in its fate?

For a notebook it is quite affordable at a price range of Rs. 15000. But what does it actually offers the tech-savvy people?

The ASUS EeeBook is a sleeker model with the same version of Atom series processor which was introduced in earlier models. It is a fanless design. It has an effective heat sink and much more efficient processors, so one can easily get rid of the traditional cooling fan systems. It is 2 cm thick, precisely 17.5 mm. The ASUS EeeBook offers a 11.6” LED display and provides a resolution of 1366×768 which roughly means 135 ppi – pixel density. This implies a good screen color reproduction. The EeeBook offers decent viewing angles as well as vivid range of colors. But at extreme angles, the notebook is prone to color shifts which can be annoying at times.


It weighs around 2.4 pounds, which means even less than a Kg. this is one of the few notebooks in this price category that are easy to carry around. It comes with a Li-Ion battery that promises a battery run of around 12 hours even while using internet. A 100% charged battery lasts upto 2 hours while continuous use of applications which is quite commendable. It can easily last for a fully fledged working day. The battery life retention is quite good, when in an idle mode. It is slimmer than usual than usual notebooks. It offers 2GB/ 1 GB of RAM, 32 or 64 GB of storage in its two models. It offers a clock speed of around 1.83 GHz. A 500GB of free cloud storage can be availed using ASUS web storage. It has a microSD slot which supports SD cards up to 64 GB and a micro HDMI port. It also has two USB ports and a VGA front camera that can be used to make a video call. It offers Bluetooth 4.0, headphone and microphone jacks and a Wi-Fi option as well.


One can stretch the flap cover up to 120 degrees very easily. The laptop will stay steady without toppling over. Though it is a fanless design, it has no vents on any side of the notebook. It also has a compact charger with it which is a little larger than one’s mobile charger. It is made to compliment the compact design of the notebook.

It is one of the best and beautiful notebooks available in the market. Though entirely made of plastic but it does not feel like using a low quality product. It retains the basic laptop design and not anything much fancy. It has a bit glossy finish rather than a matte one on the flap cover. Other than that, It has a matte finish to it. It is available in four colors: white, red, black and gold. The touch pad and the keyboard are quite compatible and the user can get used to it very easily. The track pad is comparatively larger than a usual notebook offers. The user will find the keyboard very easy to type. They both are very compactly and cleverly designed on the notebook. The keys have a sufficient travel that provides proper tactile feedback to the user. The response of the mouse is quite good. But it offers a single button instead of two buttons for left click and right click. It might annoy the user at some point of time.


The Windows 8.1 offered in this notebook is very comfortable with the win-32 applications. It is a non-touch screen device. So it offers the usual desktop mode. The touch-pad has good features in it. The screen can be very easily scrolled with the help of touch-pad. The connected standby mode which is offered by windows 8.1 in this notebook is very interesting. It allows the windows to function like a Smartphone or a tablet rather than a PC in a low power mode. This mode even replaces the hibernate and sleep modes that are in a classic notebook. It also takes very less time in resuming since only the display needs to be resumed not the entire system. Multitasking with this device poses no such problem but if the user is planning to use this notebook for HD games the system might start slugging. Only entry level ones will work for this notebook.


The notebook comes with various pre-installed applications like McAfee Life Save, twitter, Netflix, flipboard, ASUS WebStorage, Office 365 Personal Edition, Line and an E-Manual as well. It is easily available on Flipkart for Rs 14,999 which is an amazing price tag. Check out this Amazing deal on Flipkart

The ASUS EeeBook is an affordable notebook, easy to use and handy for the users. It allows the user to do basic office work, browsing web and so on. But if looking for more functions than other options are worth looking. It is mainly useful for the student community and is cheaper than most of the Smartphones that are offered in the market. It has a familiar version OS, where one can easily operate windows applications which are offered both online as well as offline. It has its own set of limitations in the form of limited storage and 2 USB ports and so cannot be compared to a full-fledged laptop.

If the purpose to buy this notebook is to do make power point presentation for projects or working on word documents then this Asus EeeBook X205 is a recommended option. In this price range, it is an unbeatable option.

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