Kingston Professional 256GB SD Card Review

People usually go for memory card that fits the socket as well as the pocket. But they remain unaware of the fact that rather than going for a Memory card, one can choose an entry level graphic card and simply pair it with a high end CPU for purpose of gaming as well.


While choosing your gear, be it Digital Camera or a camcorder, Kingston’s 256GB SDXC card is the most suitable one. Kingston Technology has been producing flash memory cards from a long time. It started with old compact Flash Cards and is now a producer of 256GB SD card as well. Out of all the stock in process with Kingston, they offer four types of SD Cards. It includes UHS-I Class 3 professional-grade SD Cards, Class 10 UHS-I professional-grade SD Cards, Class 10 UHS-I enhanced grade SD Card, and Class 4 standard SD Cards. Out of these four SD cards, Class 10 UHS-I Professional Grade SD Card is the most trending memory card at present making use of Microsoft’s exFAT standards of formatting. It is basically for optimizing the memory card while activating extended capacity. Kingston Professional 256GB SD card won’t run on devices not supporting SDXC.


The Kingston Professional 256GB Card has a high rating performance for both read and write along with high capacity. It comes along with a logo featuring Phantom technology and class 10 standards. Apart from that, It has removed its branding which was seen in its previous cards. The serials are located at the back with pins and two rows. The dimensions of the SD Card are 0.94″ x 1.26″ x 0.08″ (24mm x 32mm x 2.1mm. As per the information, the card operates at 3.3v in non UHS-I with an operating temperature ranging from -25degree to 85 degree. But the storage temperature range from -40 degrees to 85 degrees. Apart, the SD Card is secure enough with built-in write protect switch which works towards preventing any kind of data loss accidentally. Kingston offers lifetime guarantee and technical support system with the SD Card. Also It offers Class 10 Performance if used in a non-UHS-I Capable device indicating the compatibility level.

Performance and Analysis:

After capacity, performance is another important point to be considered. There is nothing to complaint about the SD card in terms of performance. It offers an additional buffer gain of around 10%. The speed has never gone below 45MB/s and hits as high as 68MB/s at Crystal Disk Mark.


Lastly, to talk about the price, it stands at around 171 USD on Amazon US. It seems to be a little high from the viewpoint of a mainstream consumer. Such an investment is well suitable for the one preferring high capacity and performance. Undoubtedly, this lifetime warranty backup SD card is hard to miss out.


The 256 GB Kingston SD Card is sold in a retail package displaying the card via a plastic shell which is protected by a cardboard with anti-theft sleeve. You will find all major specifications of the SD Card printed at the back of Cardboard sleeve. Also, keep in mind that the newly launched SD card is not compatible with the older devices. So, make sure to use it only in SDXC format to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

Expecting its availability in India soon.

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