Airtel Zero & Violates Net Neutrality Rules, Says TRAI

Net neutrality is a hot topic in India these days, which is basically a principle that Governments and Internet service providers should treat all the data on the Internet equally and not charging differently by user, content, websites, platform, applications, type of attached equipment, or mode of communication.

As per a senior TRAI Official, they may take serious action against the anti net neutrality plans by the Internet Activist and telecom users. Airtel gave no response to the query by TRAI and the regulator is against Airtel plans and schemes including Facebook’s and the tie up with Reliance communication which are violating the idea of Net Neutrality i.e the Free Internet


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Yet another information says that both Airtel Zero and Facebook’s are offering plans against the defined principles of Net neutrality. So, TRAI will turn up with certain rules and regulations to avoid initiation of the plans that probably would Save the Internet. As per a senior officer, these internet companies will need a certain force of law to draw lines for deciding what is permitted and what is to be left out. The Government and Regulator are all there to make these terms clear.

Over 5 lakh mails have been sent to TRAI from concerned citizens around the country, and as a response, there seem to be a hope of supporting net neutrality by TRAI in future. TRAI is well aware about the issues in this concern and will initiate a debate soon.

Telecom Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad Favours Net Neutrality

The protest against the controversial plans by Airtel and Reliance towards killing the freedom of accessing Internet has reached the upper echelons as well. As a result, the Telecom Minister is supporting Net Neutrality and Freedom of Choice.

Ravi Shankar Prasad was completely against the companies decision of killing Internet. According to him, it belongs to the entire community rather than a short range of people. So, it should be linked to all the common man without any sort of discrimination.

The Ministry has set up a panel to check the allegations of anti-net neutrality against telecom and TRAI, which will be submitted by 9th May.

Role of Internet and Mobile Association of India

IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India) , being the strongest and largest Internet Association, finally blasted on TRAI for favouring the Telecom Players. Subho Roy, the president of IAMAI claims that the TRAI has just copied the submissions of telecom players in the consultation papers, and molded the in a form that everyone favors it.


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In short, IAMAI has powerful members in their party including Google, Flipkart, Ola, GoDaddy, MakeMyTrip, Amazon and infact Facebook as well. Such information won’t go wasteful and a fruitful response is guaranteed. The pressure being put on the TRAI is evident by the statements issued by its official.

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