3 Instances that Proves “Google Maps Review Policy is Crap”

The war between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platform is not something new. Both these Smartphone operating systems are quite popular and are two of the best mobile operating systems themselves. And the war between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android does not just happen in the online space, and just as recently, we saw a stabbing incident being reported as a result of a quarrel on iOS and Android.

3 Instances that proves Google Maps Review Policy is Crap:

1. Android mascot peeing on Apple in Google Maps:

Well, in a rather unexpected move, there is something weird happening with the Google Maps service. Popular website Cult of Mac identified the animation that pretty much seems like an Android mascot relieving itself on an Apple logo. The image was found around the Rawalpindi city area in Pakistan. And surprisingly, the animation can still be viewed upon searching. has been removed by Google Now.


Android Mascot Peeing on Apple Logo

has always been well-known for releasing easter eggs and pranks to commemorate some special events or days, like the Pac-Man game that was released on April Fool’s day this year. Of course we cannot expect Google itself purposely doing something like this that could easily defame its global popularity and standards.
The Map Maker service gives users the ability to actually modify and redesign the map content available on the Google Maps service according to their knowledge about the place and locally. Also the green patches which are meant for grass content, actually did not raise any eye brows either.


2. Google Review Policy is Crap:
This is not actually the first time that we have been able to spot weird content on the Google Maps service. The Guardian was able to point out the text “Google Review Policy is Crap” along with a sad looking face just about a few miles to the east of the above stated location.


Google’s Maps Review Policy is Crap

3. FakeEdwards Snow Den” Shop at The White House
Also We were also able to notice a listing on the White House stating it as “Edward’s Snow Den” a few weeks back. The listing even had an opening and closing time between 5 AM to 11 PM and the reviews for the listing includes paragraphs like “a great source of classified information”, and “a place to get top notch information at cheap rates”. It was then, when people actually came to know about this great flaw that is present in the Google Maps service and that is also related to the Map Maker feature present in Google Maps.


Fake Edwards Snow Den in the middle of the white house

Many developers and common Google Maps users have come forward to let Google know that they should work more on the content that they display on the Google Maps results and also make the approving procedure of user submitted content via the Google Maps Map Maker service more authentic.


1. Google was quick to respond that it was currently working on removing the so-called content from its Google Maps search results and expected that this error occurred as a result of people using the Map Maker feature available in the Google Maps service.

2. A Google spokesperson said that “they are sorry for this inappropriate user-created content; we’re working to remove it quickly” and that “the vast majority of users who edit our maps provide great contributions.
They also mentioned that “we also learn from these issues, and we’re constantly improving how we detect, prevent and handle bad listings

Finally They have removed Android Mascot Peeing on the Apple’s Logo:

So, what do you think about this incident and also about the Map Maker feature from Google Maps?

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