7 Must have Gadgets for Women

Most women do not have an interest in gadgets but with the introduction of many super cool gadgets, they are bound to fall in love with them!

7 Must have Gadgets for Women:

  • GPS fitness tracker:
    It comes styled as a wrist band with a small MP3 player fitted into it. It lets you track how much distance you have covered along with monitoring your running activity. It is sweat proof and water resistant as well. You need to have this in your life if you are a fitness gadgets lover.
  • Lipstick pepper spray:Along with making space for your makeup items in your handbag, make some for this too. Because at no time you safety should be compromised. Disguised in the shape of a lipstick, this pepper spray will prevent your attackers from harming you for a limited but sufficient period of time. You can keep it with yourself without raising any eyebrows.
    Lipstick pepper spray
    If you don’t have access to a lipstick shaped one, buy a regular one which performs the same for a discounted price using flipkart coupons that you can avail by visiting india’s no.1 coupons and cashback website CashKaro.com.
  • Mobile printer:
    How many times did you wanted a picture clicked from your mobile instantly in paper form? Maybe to put it on your wall or paste it in your hand-written diary to complete your day. With a mobile printer, you can do it at ease.mobile-printerThere are various kinds available in the market and you can choose one as per your budget. Ensure that it has a good speed level.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note Pink:
    Yes! You read it right! Samsung galaxy note will soon be launched in a bright pink shade. It will have a big display size along with many amazing features. It’s a known fact that pink and women are inseparable.samsung-galaxy-note-pinkSamsung has taken full advantage of it! It might just even tempt women who have never bought a costly gadget but may this time owing their love for colour pink.
  • Pen knife:
    With a pen knife, it’s easy to disguise a knife looking as a pen. It is a popular self-defense item which has made a permanent place for itself in the bags of many.pen-knifeIt functions as a pen as well as a knife. Since you can actually write with it, it will never raise suspicion. The sturdy design and easy to pull off top makes it safe to carry anywhere.
  • Digital camera:
    In front of the mirror, inside the car, on scooty, at home, while making maggi, on outing, etc.; we can see women making memories just anywhere! Taking pictures with a digi cam of your own will take their quality up and your experience to another level. Different digital cameras have different functioning abilities.Pink Digital cameraIf you aren’t much of a tech geek, go for the simpler ones that have easy shooting modes. Cashkaro.com offers amazing deals and working snapdeal coupons which you won’t like to miss out while purchasing a digital camera online. Plus you can get extra cashback from CashKaro.
  • Comb knife:
    Comb knife is another great safety gadget to own. A comb knife has a wide knife hidden in the handle and looks just like a real comb.Comb_Knife_PinkEnsure that you know the difference between it and the comb that you use for your hair. Just buy different colours or make an unsuspicious identity mark on either of them.

With these gadgets, you are ready to travel alone and in style!

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