Google’s New Smart Contact Lenses

When Motorola employee Martin Cooper stood in midtown Manhattan and made the first ever mobile phone call to the Bell Labs research and development facility in New Jersey in 1973, the idea of making a wireless phone call was wonderfully abstract and fantastical. However just 42 years on, not only do over 90% of American adults own mobile phones, the remaining 9% are being offered free mobile phones by a government welfare program.

Can you recall when the internet truly became commercialized in the 90s? The idea of operating your very own website was something dreams were made of, yet now you can build a website for very little money with a multitude of hosting services such as 1&1 – it really is that simple in 2015. The point being, technology that we regard to be essential components of contemporary living can be regarded in the eyes of some to be radical and ambiguous at its point of conception.


Technological Evolution

Over the last two decades, the technological class have proven themselves to be true revolutionaries time and time again, radicalizing the way we interact with each other and the world around us by introducing mind-boggling new technology – and they continue to do so. It has come to transpire that Google have teamed up with Swiss pharmaceutical giants Novartis to create ‘smart contact lenses’. The lenses will monitor blood-sugar levels in addition to correcting vision. The Google X team that are behind the design, are the same team which deals with Google’s more ambitious projects, like the self-driving car.

The lenses bare a miniscule receptor that records data on things like glucose levels, which are contained in the liquid in our eyes and sends that data to your Android phone. Google say that the electronics are so small that they look like bits of glitter, and the antenna is thinner than a strand of hair.

Roughly 382 million people have diabetes – that’s about one in every 19 – a condition which hinders the body’s ability to deal with sugar. The apparent simplicity of these lenses is likely to make this product hugely attractive to those suffering. Instead of having to take a blood sample, they need only to glance at their phone.

Furthermore, Apple are simultaneously doing their part to develop products that are made to monitor body functions – like the new Apple Watch, which can observe the user’s heartbeat. With Apple and Google working on a range of health based technological products, it would appear that we can expect to see more products like this appearing down the line.

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