Beat the City Traffic with Your Smartphone with Traffline App

With the growing urban population, daily commute has become a heck of a task these days in India. It’s almost like a struggle you go through every single day. With the number of increasing vehicles in India, half of your time goes by waiting in long traffic jams. Not very surprisingly, metro cities like Delhi and Bengaluru have crossed a huge number like 8 Million in terms of number of cars in the city. This not only has increased the number of never ending traffic jams but also the number of road accidents. Now the question comes up, what can we do to make our daily commute faster, easier and safer?


In the world of smartphones, India is no behind either and Birds Eye Systems brings to us exactly the perfect application we need to beat the city traffic in just a click. Traffline is the app which can save you a lot of time every day. Many people miss their flights daily due to traffic, reach home late and are unable to give time to their family, are you one of those? Traffline gives you real-time traffic information and tells you about alternative routes which you can take to save your time and tells you an estimated time in which you’ll be reaching your destination. But that’s not it, it updates you about any possible obstacle you might face on your way to make your drive unpleasant. The application is available in all major cities of India, be it Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune or Ahmedabad.

Traffline is not only focused on making you reach your destination quickly but also safely too. You can share your location with family & friends via Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp. Letting them know about you, you can even ask them to “Come and Get you” right in one click. By now you most definitely would have find it useless, but let me tell you it’s fun too! Traffline app is completely linked with your city specific Traffline handle which keep up the interactions, updates and shares the useful information you provide as well. Its latest addition of car emoticons for every traffic situation you might face is pretty cool. There’s also a refer and earn feature in the app, if you find the app useful, refer it to a friend and earn at the same time, awesome right?


Traffline is available on both Android and iOS platforms, never miss a meeting or a flight, most importantly never miss the quality time with family because of traffic again, travel the smart way, Go Traffline.

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