Make Your Own eCommerce Website with WixStores (No Coding!)

Don’t have coding knowledge but want to create an eCommerce website? No issue! You can easily create your own online store to get your products and business online and extend your reach in the market. WixStores, created by, is a state-of-the-art eCommerce website builder that makes it possible to create an online store without spending too much effort, time or money. It’s jam-packed with tools that are innovative and helpful.


Useful for newbies and webmasters alike, it simplifies all the laborious aspects of making an online store. Because you don’t need to have coding knowledge or understanding of design concepts. WixStores simplifies the process of creating a well-designed ecommerce site.

In this review of the new ecommerce platform, we’ll explore different parts of this website builder and offer detailed insight about how to create an ecommerce site using WixStores.

With WixStores, You Can….

WixStores is designed to help people create attractive and dynamic online stores even if they don’t know how to code or have a background in design. To get started, you choose your favorite template from the hundreds of Wix templates. Then, customize it for your business.

WixStores is intuitive and user-friendly so the customization is easy to do. Another benefit is the pricing, which is less expensive than other eComm platforms. WixStores takes a flat monthly or annual fee and does not take any percentage of each sale you make. With WixStores, you can save a lot of money on website hosting and increase your profits through online sales.


Features of WixStores

WixStores has a great user interface. From the dashboard of WixStores, you can connect your website to your domain, edit your site and manage your products. In the sidebar, you can access links for Smart Actions, contact management or to send a newsletter.


Here are some features of WixStores that are truly worthwhile –

1) Drag ‘n Drop HTML5 Editor

By using the drag ‘n drop editor, you can easily tweak any template according to your unique desires and purpose. You can add, remove or customize any element in your online store. You can do all these things directly from the HTML5 editor, which has a user-friendly interface.

2) Easy-to-Use Store Management Features

You can manage your online store and products from the Store Manager section. Everything you need is in one place, and it allows users to remove or add products, create coupon codes, set up tax details and shipping charges, etc. With this tool, you can stay organized and easily update and manage your store.

3) Huge Range of Templates

Wix has an impressive range of online store templates to choose from as compared to its competitors. You can access a wide variety of templates designed for different niches like a jewelry store or a gadget store. You can choose any template and make it work for your business. Alternatively, you can stick closely to one of their designs since Wix provides the added convenience of ready-made templates in a large variety of fields.

4) Wix ShoutOut & Smart Actions

You can easily get in touch with your target audience thanks to Wix ShoutOut. It lets you send newsletters, updates and announcements to your contacts. Its interface works much like the Wix editor, so you can send out a mass email in no time.

Wix also offers Smart Actions, which you can use to send out automatic emails to your customers. For example, you can send a promo code if your customer is inactive for a long time or you can instantly email a thank you letter to every customer who makes a purchase on your site.


WixStores is by far the most intuitive online store builder and it has the added convenience of being super user-friendly. Because of its large selection of professional templates and great features, I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. I have personally used this online store builder and I am very satisfied with its functionality.

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