Here’s Google’s New Logo; Biggest Update Since 1999

Just about a month after unveiling a parent company for itself, Google has now released a new logo update, which is the biggest change done to the Google logo since 1999. The Google logo is still the same colored wordmark, however, now features a sans-serif font and the softness of the colors in the logo has also been increased. The overall look of the Google logo somewhat resembles to that of its parent company, Alphabet.


According to the official blog post written on the need of a logo upgrade for Google, the company states that the logo has been redesigned to have a better interaction and a much cooler look within all the products having different screen sizes that runs Google services. Google wants to reflect the way people uses Google and its services nowadays.


Nowadays, Google is not just restricted to the Search Engine service it once used to be. Currently there are a lot of Google services that we all use on a regular basis apart from the Search Engine, which includes its online services such as Google Maps and Gmail and other products like YouTube, Android, Chromebooks etc.

Therefore, the main aim of the latest logo upgrade from Google will be to give itself a more branded approach over all the services and products from Google. Also the wordmark logo is now more distinctive, easier to read and much pleasing to the eye as well.


A fun fact is that the new Google logo saves you some mobile data as well. Previously, loading a Google logo on your device would require approx. 14,000 bytes of data, whereas, the newly designed lGoogle-Logoogo would just barely need 305 bytes of your mobile data to load up. Well, this may not be a deal breaker for many, however, this clearly shows what the vision of Google under the new leadership is.

Other than the logo itself, there is another minor change as well. The small letter “g” used to represent Google on its native applications on mobile devices and web as well will now be replaced by a capital letter “G”, and all your mobile applications and web services will also be updated for the logo change pretty soon.

The mobile applications for which you will be able to observe the new Google “G” logo change are as follows: My Account, Google Search, Google+, YouTube, Google Maps, Google News, GMail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Adwords, Google Photos, Google Translate. Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, My Business.


Credit: Fastcodesign

As Google is in a path of evolving itself, we are pretty sure that the introduction of a parent company and now this logo upgrade are just a few of the many headlines from Google that we will be hearing in the days to come. To get more future tech updates hot in the future, do subscribe to us.

Javascript Source: TheVerge

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