Apple Launches Beats Active Collection Headphones

After unveiling the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6S Plus, iPad Pro and a couple of other new devices at their recently held event, Apple is now here with a new announcement that will particularly interest music fans. After becoming the proud owners of Beats by Dre, Apple today made an announcement about three of the most popular beats headphones.

Going by Apple’s announcement, Beats by Dre will now be coming up with a new ‘Active Collection‘ for three models: Solo2 Wireless, Tour2 and the Powerbeats2 Wireless.


Wondering what the active collection actually is? For all the Beats by Dre fans out there, you can be relieved as Apple has not decided mess with the hardware or anything much at all of the headphones. The ‘Active Collection‘ will be selling the same headphones as earlier, the only difference being that these headphones will now be available in new colors and new designs. Also, the ‘Active Collection’ is limited edition so better get ready to shell out some bucks soon if you plan on buying these.

Beats by Dre were popular enough before Apple became the parent company and while we have no second thoughts about these headphones sound quality or performance, we all know they Beats are more of a status symbol and a style statement. So this ‘Active Collection‘ series of beats headphones can really be the next big thing associated with Beats headphones.


The headphones will be available in three new colors: Flash Blue, Siren Blue and Shock Yellow. All the three Active Collection headphones are now available for ordering from Apple Store online and will soon be making their way to stores around you too. You can also log onto the Beats by Dre website to see more details.


The Solo2 Wireless headphones will cost you $299.95, while the Tour2 and the Powerbeats2 headphones will set you back by $129.95 and $199.95 respectively.

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