Google Street View to add 3D panoramic view of Indian cities

If everything goes well, you would do on be able to see panoramic and 3D street-level 360° images of popular Indian landmarks, tourist spots, mountains, rivers and many other things on your smartphones, laptops and computers, thanks to Google Street View.

Google Street View to add 3D panoramic view of Indian cities

If news is to be believed, Indian Government will soon grant permission to Google to cover Indian cities to capture 3D images for their Google Street View platform. Other than some sensitive areas such as military installation sites and nuclear sites, Google would now be allowed to capture images and map almost everything. The news comes from official sources who also said that the decisions are final and all that needs to be done is the sending of a joint formal letter of approval to Google from the Ministry of Defence, Home Ministry, External Affairs Ministry and the Prime Minister’s Office after which you can expect to see cars from Google with cameras mounted on their top mapping popular places in your city.

The Google Street View program was first launched in the United States back in 2007 since when it has made its way to many nations across the world and is now finally stepping foot in India. Google in partnership with the Archaeological Society of India ready displays monuments such as the Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Qutub Minar amongst many others as panoramic 3D images under the Google Street View platform.

Most of the imagery is done by street cars that move around from one street to another with a camera on the cars roof but inaccessible areas can also be captured by bicycles, resellers, walking, snow mobile and even camels and underwater equipments in certain situations.
So get ready to see the Google Street View car in your locality soon. 😀

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