Zagg Rugged Book Keyboard Case For iPad Mini/2/3 Review

Black Friday just went by and I’m sure almost all of us here must have made good use of it, buying new gadgets and other things too. If however you happened to buy an iPad Mini/2/3 and now are looking for a case cum keyboard for it, you have come to just the right place as today we are going to review one of the best and most versatile case for the iPad Mini/2/3: The Zagg Rugged book with keyboard for iPad Mini/2/3 . So lets go.

Zagg Rugged Book Keyboard Case For iPad Mini/2/3 Review

Zagg Rugged Case with Keyboard Front Main View

As the name suggests, this case by Zagg fulfils the basic need of protecting your iPad Mini from falls and foreign elements and is indeed very good at it. It comprises of multiple layers which absorb shock in case you drop your tablet.
Zagg Rugged Keyboard iPad Mini
Now most rugged keyboards available in the market are bulky and heavy but not this one. Zagg has made every effort to keep the case as light and slim as possible and we must say they have gracefully succeded with it.
Zagg Rugged iPad Mini

Moving on to other features of the case, you’ll find the case also has a magnetically attachable keyboard inside it which connects to your iPad via Bluetooth and lets your work on your iPad as you would on any mini laptop. Not only that, the keys are backlit which makes the case all more convenient to use and is a big boon.

Seperation of Zagg Rugged Case and Keyboard
Also, the hinge secures the tablet securely in its place but sometimes, while holding the iPad it did get detached. Another interesting feature that the company boasts about is the battery life which they claim lasts upto 2 years after a single charge. Now this of course is the case when you use the keyboard for average time which according to Zagg is about 1-2 hours daily.

Zagg Rugged Lightning port
Some other great features:
As if the features listed above were not enough, the Zagg Rugged Book Keyboard case has 4 modes into which the case can be folded or transformed to suit your needs.
First of all, you have the keyboard mode which is simply the iPad attached to the keyboard for you to use it as a mini laptop.
Zagg Rugged Case with Keyboard Front Main View
Then you have the Case mode which allows you to detach the keyboard from the rest of the case and fold the case to allow you to freely use the iPad as a tablet.
Zagg Rugged Case Front View

Then comes the Video mode which allows you to attach the iPad to the keyboard with the back of the iPad towards the keyboard. This then serves as a stand on which you can set your iPad and use it to watch a movie.
Zagg Rugged Case Flipped to watch movies

The last mode, the book mode allows you to fold the keyboard back into the case and hold the iPad like a book. The Book mode is pretty much similar to the Case mode, except for the keyboard still being present in the Book Mode.
Zagg Rugged Case upside down

One problem that people usually face using a third party keyboard with their iPads is the difficulty in accesing the Control Center due to the hinge from where the hinge is attached to the tablet but Zagg has taken proper care of that and has provided with depressions in the hinge body to allow you to access the Control Center without any difficulty.

Volume Rocker on Zagg Rugged Case iPad
Zagg Rugged Case Headphone Jack and Power Button

Final Verdict:
Overall, The Zagg Rugged Book case keyboard performs all functions exceptionally well. The only con of this case is the iPad getting detached easily from the hinge which we hope will be fixed by Zugg in their next model.

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