Letv launches World’s Thinnest 65″ TV at CES 2016

Letv, the internet and technology conglomerate also labelled the “market disruptor” in China, released the world’s thinnest TV, Max65 Blade at CES in Las Vegas on January 6th, 2015. The sleek, slim wonder is amazingly just 3.9mm thick or the equivalent of two coins.

The thinnest TV, Super 4 Max65 Blade has a separate speaker. This is the 2nd round of new TV release after the company released Super 4 Max70, and 70 inches TV and Super 4 Max 65 Curved, two weeks ago in Beijing.

Super 4 Max65 Blade

Letv is the creator and pioneer of the popular ecosystem business model which includes the vertically-integrated online environment complete with content, devices and applications and platforms. The TV sets from Letv therefore have seamless access to the company’s rich content library and a wide range of applications.

At CES 2016, Letv also revealed its co-operation with Faraday Future, a new and emerging electric car project in America. The company also released its latest Superphone, Le Max Pro, which is the world’s first phone that adopts Qualcomm 820 processor.

Max65 Blade

As the company rapidly expands its footprint into new geographies with a rich product portfolio, it is easy to see that Letv now has renewed vision that is in sync with its global high growth trajectory. This could well mean that Letv recognizes the need for its brand identity to be attuned to the new global reality. In this context, there are several examples of global corporates who have rebranded as they progress in their global expansion path. Think Apple. Think HP ….. the list is endless. Letv is now therefore prioritizing on creating a strong brand identity in all markets through global brand leadership. So, watch this space for more news ……

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