Coolpad Receives 3 International Awards at IDG’s 2015-2016 Global Top Brands Event

On January 7, Event management firm IDG hosted the 2015-2016 Global Top Brands award ceremony during 2016 CES in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In the era of mobile, the smart device industry continues to flourish, with new products and technologies continuously coming to the fore. The Global Top Brands event, hosted by IDG with the active support of leading market research, analysis and advisory firm IDC, has been held for several years and become one of the major award events across the global smart device industry.

CoolPad New Logo

At the ceremony, IDG CMO Josh London announced the list of firms that the research firm deemed the 2015-2016 Global Smart Connected Devices Top 15 and the 2015-2016 Global Smart Phone Top 15, which included Coolpad, Apple, Samsung, ZTE, Huawei, Lenovo, TCL Communication Technology and Xiaomi. Coolpad also won the single subject award, the 2015 Annual Smart Phone Information Safety Golden Award, for its Coolpad Max.

Coolpad, along with household brands ZTE, Huawei and Lenovo, are among the first companies to produce and market smartphones in China. In terms of technical competencies, Coolpad owns more than 6,000 technology patents and employs over 2,300 R&D engineers. The smartphone maker is the inventor of the dual standby technology.

Coolpad is now developing the dual-system safe mobile phone, an example of which is the Coolpad Max, and has received the 2015 Smart Phone Information Safety Golden Award as a result. With both an open, shared system and a closed, secure system residing within the same phone, Coolpad Max can differentiate between the phone user’s public and private information within a single device.

Cao Jingsheng, vice president of the group, said, “The intelligent era is accelerating the shuffle across the mobile phone industry. However, any technical upgrade and improvement means an opportunity for our innovations. Ranked among the ‘Global Smart Phone Top 15’ and ‘Global Smart Connected Devices Top 15’ demonstrate the market’s affirmation of our innovations. In line with the transformation taking place across the industry, Coolpad plans to remain true to its mission of achieving growth through innovation, striving to meet the demand of the market, while further increasing investment in R&D and being even more innovative, with the aim of seeking breakthroughs at the high end of the market and becoming a Chinese communications product brand known the world over.”

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